Quinceañera Nail Designs: What’s in & What’s out
Quinceañera Nail Designs: What’s in & What’s out

Quinceañera Nail Designs: What’s in & What’s out

Explore the latest quinceañera nail trends with these stunning designs.

Try the following show-stopping quinceañera nail designs!

Coffin Style Nails

quinceañera nail designs

Stiletto style nails are a thing of the past! Instead, try coffin style nails which will look much edgier.

Ombre Nails

Ombre is one of the hottest trends this year! Not only are they attractive but this manicure is easy to achieve. Learn how here!

French Tip Nails

We still love the natural feel of french tip. Try brighter colors to brighten up your look or add a few designs that will enhance your nails.

Watch out chica! These nail trends are out of style this season:

Gel Nails

We all hate it when our nail polish cracks after a week of getting them done. But there's better options than gel nails. Now you have options like GelX or dip nails. You won’t regret it when you experience your manicure lasting for weeks and, best of all, they’ll be extra shiny. 

Uñas sinaloenses

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 2.28.46 PM

Not only is this type of manicure expensive but we’re sorry to say that it will downgrade your overall appearance on your Quince. Instead, choose one color and only one-two nails should have designs. Trust us, you don’t need uñas sinaloenses to stand out!

Stiletto Nails

Yes, we have witnessed celebrities such as Rihanna with these nails. But that was so last year! Instead, try coffin style nails or the traditional square style for a polished look.

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