Summer 2016 Makeup Trends
Summer 2016 Makeup Trends

Summer 2016 Makeup Trends


Now that summer’s here, it’s time to upgrade your makeup bag and give you a complete makeover! It’s the season to experiment with different eyeshadows, lipsticks, and makeup techniques just in time to start the new school year in style.

This summer’s trends are nothing short from exciting! The goal is to give you a flawless appearance, from the perfect sun-kissed tan to shimmery eyeshadow to make your eyes pop.

Follow these makeup trends and become the center of attention anywhere you go this summer!


Champagne Eyeshadow

Steal the spotlight with champagne eyeshadow! Makeup gurus around the world are obsessed with pinkish and bronze tones, perfect shades to make your eyes pop all summer long. Start with a matte nude shadow that is one shade darker than your skin tone on the crease, buff it out past the outer corners of your eyes. Then brush on the champagne shadow on the entire inner half of your eyes, that is, around the inner corners, over the crease, and on the lids.

Caramel Tones


Everyone wants that perfect sun-kissed tan this summer but lying down on the sand under the burning sun can damage your skin. Good thing you can achieve that same glow-y effect with makeup! Line your eyes with dark brown liner and then apply a medium toned bronzer with gold shimmer on the apples of your cheeks, along the cheekbones, and on the lids up to the brow bones. Don’t forget to blend!

Flirty Lashes


We love the seductive look falsies mimic and this summer is the perfect time to play around with lashes! Natural and dramatic pairs exist depending on the occasion and the look you’re going for. For natural lashes, we recommend Ardell #110 and for dramatic lashes, “Iconic” by House of Lashes will not disappoint. CLICK HERE to check out the top 5 lashes and learn how to apply them correctly.

Matte Dark Lips


Matte nails, matte foundation, matte eyeshadow…how about matte dark lips?! We double dare you to try this at your next outing and start a new trend among your friends. Red tones will be your best bet.

Metallic Silver Eyeshadow

We can’t stop talking about the metallic trend! Metallic silver eyeshadow is ideal for a nighttime look that will turn heads. Blend a metallic silver eyeshadow on your lids, the inner corners, and along the lower lashes. Use a black eyeliner to line the lower rims of your eyes for a dramatic effect.

Thick Eyebrows


Don’t we all envy the Kardashian’s thick and full eyebrows? You can now have them too! If you want naturally thick eyebrows, simply let them grow out for a couple of months. When you go get them done, tell the person who is threading or waxing them that you are letting your eyebrows grow and they will usually leave a few stray hairs to grow. If that doesn’t work, eyebrow pencils and gels are now sold at your local retail store to make your eyebrows the shape and thickness you’ve always wanted. Just make sure to get the right shade or else they’ll stand out and not in a good way.


We couldn’t end without talking about contouring! In contouring, a highlighter and a contour are used to bring out your best features while strobing uses just a highlighter in the areas of the face where light hits. Both can dramatically change the shape of your face to make it appear flawless!


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