10 Clever Additions to a Modern Quinceañera Party
10 Clever Additions to a Modern Quinceañera Party

10 Clever Additions to a Modern Quinceañera Party

The Quinceañera tradition has and keeps evolving with time, technology, and trends. Therefore, the most awesome thing about having a Quince is that now girls can freely adapt it to fit their lifestyle, personality, and budget.

Based on these, any modern Quinceañera nowadays should meet these guidelines:

Pick your favorites!

A Personalized Hashtag

A Quinceañera posing in a grassy field, holding a sign that says shoot it.

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Invite your guests to use your Quinceañera’s hashtag on all the pictures they take during the celebration. In fact, you can begin using the hashtag whenever you snap yourself doing some Quince planning, that way in a few months or years you can easily trace back your special day.

A Cool Thematic Backdrop

Quinceanera paper flower backdrop, a close up of a flower wall on a table

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Photobooths are somewhat expensive, instead go DIY in a cool backdrop in your Quince theme. Place it strategically, so everyone is basically “forced” to stop and pose.

A Quince Gift Registry

An image of a Quinceañera with petals and a gift tag with a poem attached to it.

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Tell your guests exactly what you want as XV present by creating a registry!

A Karaoke Station!

Perfect for a VIP small Quinceañera party, tricky if you have a dance floor and music. Nonetheless, a good idea for some entertainment, your guests will love it!

Fun Party Props

A group of glow sticks with the words 'go tupelo' on them, illuminating the room with neon light at a Quinceanera celebration.

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Whether it is to pose or to dance with, give your guests that little “umph” they need to get the party started.

A Printed Seating Arrangement

A wooden sign that says 'Find your seat', perfect for a Quinceanera event

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Kiss the classic “Where do we sit?” dilemma bye-bye and greet your guests with a large printed seating arrangement by the entrance letting them know where to head.

Disposable cameras for each table

A disposable camera with a white box and a pink ribbon tied to it, at a Quinceanera

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Also, a great idea to save on your Quinceañera pictures! Now that you know where most of your guests are seated, assign one or two per table and give them a list of pictures to take and kindly ask them to return the camera before they leave.

A Fake Quinceañera Cake!

A three-tiered Quinceanera cake with flowers on top

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Yes, we said it! Pay for a gorgeous Quinceañera cake to display for your pictures and once you cut it (the only real part of the cake), take it back to the kitchen to serve your guests and have basic sheets of cakes. Everybody does it and those who don’t should, LOL!

A Program of your party


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Let your guests know at what time to expect dinner, the waltz, the surprise dance and what not to avoid a ton of questions.

An Out-of-this-world Surprise Dance!

This is the song that will either put everyone to sleep or dance, so choose a good one!

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A group of three cell phones sitting next to each other showcasing a Quinceañera dress creation.

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