10 Color combinations for quinceañeras that your mother will approve
10 Color combinations for quinceañeras that your mother will approve

10 Color combinations for quinceañeras that your mother will approve

So that your guests never forget your Quince celebration, we recommend choosing a lovely color combination instead of a popular Quinceañera theme.

This range of tones will win your guests' hearts just by seeing you!

Plan a Quinceañera that everyone will talk about by choosing a striking color combination.

Take a look at the following colors for Quinceañeras that we have gathered for you:

Brown + Pink + Beige

A couple of Quinceanera invitations sitting on top of a table, showcasing a combination of colors for Quinceanera invitations


A Quinceanera-themed image of a torte wine, a red and white cake, and a spoon on a table


A woman in a pink and purple ombre Quinceanera dress posing for a picture

The perfect combination with popular feminine colors that will give you the confidence to dominate your party.

Lavender with Strong Gray

This color combination is perfect for achieving a rustic Quinceañera theme! Use natural flowers like lavenders or lilacs for your bouquet and decorations.

Navy Blue and Blush Pink

Navy blue itself is a very real color choice that can go perfectly with a touch of blush color arrangements. Your court of honor can wear a lighter pink tone; the contrast will make you stand out.


Inspired by Ragazza's Quinceañera dresses, the "denim" combination is the new trend. A dress like this won't look bad; there's no way you won't look good with one of your favorite colors to rock at your Quinceañera.

Pale Blue and Pale Pink

Perfect for a "vintage" Quinceañera, these "dusty" fashionable colors will be perfect in an outdoor setting. Springtime is the ideal season to celebrate and embrace these tones, which, by the way, are very fashionable in cakes.

Wine + Beige

A rustic-style Quinceañera can be luxurious. With these colors, a splendid color combination can be made. The result is bold; just imagine how good you'll look!

Emerald + Gold

The popular color of the year that only appeared for the holiday season has passed the year and has impressed anyone who wears this color. Emerald is so elegant; it will be the perfect combination for golden decorations around you.

Green and Ivory

The only colors needed to achieve a "bohemian" theme are green and ivory. If you have a tight budget, this theme can be more than perfect for you, as you can decorate with artificial plants throughout the venue.

Scarlet Red + Champagne

Fortunately for you, red can be used for any season, and it's such a romantic and striking color that your guests will marvel at your beauty. Decorate with red roses and use champagne as a secondary color.

A Quinceanera themed image featuring a grey and yellow color scheme. The image includes a Wedding Invitation and a three-tiered cake with yellow flowers on top.

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Table with lemon centerpiece ideas. The table features three vases filled with lemon slices and white flowers.

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What color scheme will you use as your Quince theme?

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