10 ways to combine gray with the color scheme for your Quinceañera
10 ways to combine gray with the color scheme for your Quinceañera

10 ways to combine gray with the color scheme for your Quinceañera

Gray has become a trendy color in recent years!

If you're looking for perfect color combinations for 2018, gray is definitely one of them.

First, we saw it in clothing, then in home decor, and now it's even the preferred color scheme for all kinds of celebrations.

The following colors paired with a touch of gray will turn your Quince theme into an elegant gala!

Set the perfect tone with any of these excellent tone combinations.

Neutral Marble Quinceañera Color

The texture of marble is more popular than ever! With neutral combinations of white and gray, girls really love this arrangement to add an elegant touch to your Quince theme.

Emerald + Elegant Gray

These two colors together make the perfect combination. For a classic feel for your party, use emerald as the primary color and gray as the secondary one.

Quinceanera invitation, a close up of a Quinceanera invitation on a table

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Ready to add a touch of elegance with these colors to your Quince? Share your ideas and photos on social media with #QuinceañeraTheme.

For more inspiration, visit Quinceanera.com.

A woman in a green and silver quinceanera gown posing for a picture

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Indigo Blue with a Touch of Gray

Need a color palette for a rustic Quinceañera? Indigo blue is the perfect blue tone, and it's also one of the newly emerged shades. Decorate your bouquet with indigofera flowers!

A beautiful floral arrangement for a Quinceanera celebration, featuring cobalt blue flowers in a vase on a table

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A Quinceanera invitation, a blue and white invitation with a blue envelope

Plum and Gray

A dark tone that looks super attractive is plum color. This color is also ideal if you have your Quinceañera during the autumn.

A set of three Quinceanera invitations on a table

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A woman in a magenta Quinceañera dress posing for a picture

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Gray and Copper

Similar to rose gold, copper is a similar tone that works splendidly with gray. Add copper threads with lights as part of your centerpiece and mix it with a forest theme.


Quinceanera cake, a three tiered cake with a rose on top

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Navy Blue + Gray

In contrast to indigo blue, this darker blue is excellent for a royal-themed celebration worthy of a Queen.

Quinceanera image: A dark blue and white flower bouquet arranged in a shoe

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Gray and ultraviolet combination

A popular spring color and suitable for any type of Quinceañera is ultraviolet. Include pink in your decorations for a luxurious quinceañera girl.

A woman in a purple Quinceanera gown posing for a picture

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Pink tones mixed with gray

Whether the tones are for a lovely quinceañera or a beautiful cherry blossom party, similar to Kim Kardashian's baby shower, don't forget to incorporate pretty flowers everywhere.

A Quinceanera themed image featuring a chocolate cake with pink frosting and chocolate cupcakes

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Quinceanera gown - a woman in a pink dress posing for a picture

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