20 Most Creative Candy Buffets You’ve Ever Seen
20 Most Creative Candy Buffets You’ve Ever Seen

20 Most Creative Candy Buffets You’ve Ever Seen

Have you heard the buzz? Candy buffets have become more than a feast for your appetite – they’re now a feast for your eyes!

Decorate your candy buffet with extravagant backdrops, cupcakes topped with edible figurines matching your theme, and a massive 10-tiered cake with over-the-top embellishments! Here are some tips to make it stand out to the max:

  • Customize the backdrop: Design your backdrop so it matches your theme and the items on your candy table. Balance it out with the rest of the decor so it doesn’t appear overwhelming.
  • Include your party favors: It’s a brilliant idea to place your party favors filled with edible goodies on your candy buffet. Some popular options for your containers are Chinese take-out boxes, mini-buckets, sheer organza pouches, and mini gable gift boxes.
  • Glam it up with glass candy jars: Scatter a couple of glass candy jars for added elegance. Play around with the shapes!
  • Engrave your name and quinceañera date: Add a personal touch to each party favor with your name. You can even customize candy wrappers and M&M’s with your initials. Hang a banner over your candy table to let everyone know who the star of the party is.
  • Stick to your color theme: Too many colors at the candy buffet will become distracting rather than appealing. Stick to 2-3 different colors to make an artistic impression.
  • Buy 8-10 types of candy: There’s nothing better than having a variety of candy options just in case you have picky guests. Chocolate, taffies, sour candies, hard candies, mints, and cupcakes are the most popular candies and desserts.
  • Your cake should be the main focus: With an extravagant candy buffet, there has to be an extravagant cake! Place your beautiful cake in the middle as a finishing touch.

Get inspired by the top 20 candy buffets that were designed to drop jaws!

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This popular trend has now become at must-have a every quinceañera to satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth and most importantly, yours.

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