25 Must-Haves to Create a Japanese Themed Quinceañera
25 Must-Haves to Create a Japanese Themed Quinceañera

25 Must-Haves to Create a Japanese Themed Quinceañera

Today, there are no limits or boundaries when pulling away from the traditional quinceañera into a themed quinceañera.

You can very much turn anything into a theme and show your creativity, style, and personality in the execution.

A very prominent theme and the latest trend, has been the Japanese Themed quinceañeras, and we couldn’t be more excited to show you the endless decorations, table sets, cakes, and surprises that this beautiful culture offers, and how to achieve this magnificent oriental ambiance.

Our tip is, if you’re planning on executing a themed quinceañera, don’t be shy about it! Try to insert your theme in as much as you can! It will show your creativity and will create a surreal experience for everyone!

#1 Cherry Blossoms as central pieces

Cherry blossoms are widely celebrated and have a great significance in the Japanese culture for hundreds of years. These beautiful trees represent the “fragility and beauty of life, and it is a reminder of how beautiful life is, but also how short.” In addition, these trees are one of the most commonly known staples of the Japanese culture; therefore, it will make out for most of your Japanese themed Quinceañera and will provide the most submerged Japanese aura. Plus, they are harmonious and make an outstanding piece of décor!

#2 An elegant cake with cherry blossom details

Since your décor is already charged with the most outstanding blossom trees, allow your cake to stand out with a simple, white and elegant design, kissed by blossom fondant details.

#3 it’s all in the details

Subtle origami and fan pieces, make the cutest details! Like this cocktail-Japanese-fan instead of your typical cocktail-umbrella.

An origami Quinceañera theme, featuring a vase filled with paper birds on top of a wooden table.

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#4 Take-away dessert boxes

Provide themed take-away boxes for your guests to take home their desserts!

Quinceanera favors: A couple of pink boxes sitting on top of a table

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#5 Origami Invitations, duh!

Origami invitations is a MUST. It will provide the first hint to your guests about the spectacular theme you have planned!

Quinceanera invitation, a white plate topped with a white napkin

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#6 Don’t forget your ceiling décor!

Japanese paper lanterns elegantly paired with a floral color scheme will fully bring the theme together by completely creating the illusion of being amid a magical oriental garden.

A woman in a white dress holding a paper lantern in a vase

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#7 Add a touch of your theme into your dress!

As a Quinceañera who will only turn fifteen once, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of wearing your beautiful princess-like gown; which is why we suggest to simply add a touch of your theme to your dress. For example, add a fluffy tulle sash tied around your waist into a ribbon, imitating the ‘obi,’ the sash version of a kimono.

A woman in a pink Quinceañera dress standing in front of a mirror.

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#8 Shoes too!

Shoes are another accessory you can take advantage by selecting ones that go according to your theme.

A pair of Quinceanera shoes sitting on top of a plate with the label 'Bella Belle'

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#9 Hair & #10 Makeup

Given that you already kept your quinceañera gown, why not have fun with your hair and makeup! Create a beautiful cat eye, bold-colored and delicate lip, and finish off your look with a cool oriental up-do.

#11 Themed Catering

Food is very important and even a decisive factor to rate the success of a party. Amaze your guests with an magnificent Japanese cuisine meal.

#12 Ambiance Lighting

Tie all your décor together with the lighting. It will add to the dreamy space you will want to achieve.

Quinceanera: Lighting, a string of paper lanterns on a table

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#13 Table set

Add Japanese tea cups, napkins and chopsticks to each table! Remember you want to give them the full experience.

#14 Your Flower Bouquet

Add an Asian flair to your flower bouquet with a few, short stem cherry blossom branches.

Floral design with a bouquet of flowers and a fan on a table for a Quinceanera celebration.

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#15 Match with your Chambelan!

Don’t forget to have your chambelan de honor and the rest of the chambelanes en La Corte, matching with you!

A close up of flowers blossoming on a lace table cloth in a Quinceanera celebration.

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#16 Kimonos for Las Damas

Have your Damas wear kimonos, representing the theme for you!

A Quinceanera themed clothes hanger displaying a variety of robes hanging on a rack

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#17 A Japanese themed entertainment

Given a Japanese themed party, get Japanese themed entertainment! There are several traditional dances and performances that have been deeply rooted in Japan for hundreds of years, and it is a wonder to admire! If you are considering this option, make sure you hire someone with Japanese roots and a true understanding and respect for such traditions; you don’t want to offend anyone.

#18 A very cool and chic background for the Photo booth & #19 Umbrellas! Create a chic Japanese background for all your guests to take pictures with; make it incredible because this will be their staring memory of your quinceañeraJapanese umbrellas are another cool piece to create a photo background with, or to create walls that will add into your outstanding oriental theme!

Quinceanera, a pink backdrop with white paper lanterns, a pink fan, and a Japanese themed party

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#20 Personal fans after a long night of dancing

Provide your guests with Japanese fans after a long night of dancing. They’ll appreciate the gesture and will make a great souvenir!

Quinceañera decorative fan: a group of colorful paper fans sitting on top of a white surface

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#21 A Tea Bar to recharge and get warm for Cena Desvelada

Along with your cena desvelada snack, have a tea bar your guests can mix and choose their own tea infusions, adding to the theme as a ‘tea ceremony.’

A variety of teas and teapots on a table at a Quinceanera celebration

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#22 The Venue

Try to choose a venue that goes with your theme! For example, Japanese people are known for their Zen gardens and their modern aesthetic; try to find something along the lines to portray your theme even better.

#23 Sake for the Adults

Have your parents choose Sake and Sake cocktails as their alcohol alternative for the adults!

A wall full of bottles of different types and sizes of Quinceanera themed Sake

Sake for the adults!

#24 Mochi

Mochi is an extremely popular candy made of rice in Japan. Offer it as your party candy!

#25 Floating Lanterns at the end of the night

End the night beautifully by having everyone create and float away their own lanterns. If you don’t have a body of water nearby, try the air floating option.

A group of people at a Quinceanera celebration, holding up a sky lantern and setting it alight.

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