4 Ways to Save Money on Your Centerpieces
4 Ways to Save Money on Your Centerpieces

4 Ways to Save Money on Your Centerpieces

Who knew centerpieces could be pricey? What can look like a simple centerpiece you found on Pinterest or scrolling through your Instagram, can quickly turn into a $50 arrangement. Now, multiply that number by how many tables you’ll have and that number will more than quadruple. 

If you are celebrating with a tight budget, we got you covered– at least with the centerpieces. Here are four ways you can save money on your arrangements. 

  1. Get Creative with Your Vases

Buying vases to make your centerpieces can quickly add up the costs, which is why using a little bit of creativity can come a long way. Instead of your typical centerpieces, why not try something different? Choose from cans for a charro theme, wine glass for an intimate feel, or even a hula arrangement from Dollar Tree supplies. 



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   2. Compare Prices 

Don’t get easily convinced about pricing on vases! A vase can easily go from $3 to $20 or more each. A quick run to Dollar Tree or your Ikea can have vases available for your fiesta needs. Before looking on line or even purchasing from a flower shop, consider this option. 

Quinceanera themed image featuring an IKEA VILJESTARK vase filled with a variety of flowers

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   3. Choose your Flowers Wisely

Depending on your flower choice or even the season, a flower can be pretty expensive! Truth is, even though some floral options are very pretty, choosing a similar option will for sure save you some money! When showing your florist what you are looking for, ask about different pricing and options to see what is more convenient for you and your budget. Flowers that aren’t too expensive and are very cute are carnations, babies breath, and roses (African roses). 

Quinceanera flower stand aesthetic. A bunch of buckets filled with lots of flowers.

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   4. Decorate on a Budget 

Do you feel like a simple vase with a few flowers isn’t as eye-appealing? I agree too. Add in some flavor with sliced fruit! Whether that’s lime, lemon, oranges, or even grapefruit, mix it up and add more to it! If fruit isn’t your forte, you can never go wrong with pretty and aesthetically pleasing ribbon. 

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