5 Decor Items to Adorn your Quince
5 Decor Items to Adorn your Quince

5 Decor Items to Adorn your Quince

These fabulous decor items are a must for any Quince celebration


Besides the dress, one of the most important things to decide on for your Quince is the decoration; this could be a specific theme, your favorite color or based on a character of your choice.

Whatever your decision it, we’re here to help! We have prepared a simple guide of several decor items you must include on your Quince celebration. What’s best is that all these work with all themes and colors. Follow our advice and we guarantee you an unforgettable Quince celebration!

Flowers, the most classic and unique of all decor items

Flowers are an extraordinary choice to decorate such a special party. You can place these at the entrance of the venue and in near places where your guests will sure walk by like near the cake, the table of honor or simply where you think they fit best. Keep in mind the flowers or any other decor items you choose must match the colors of your party.

A shoulder Quinceañera standing near a table topped with a Quinceañera cake covered in pink and green paper fans

Balloons, fantasy shapes and colors!

Another element you can use is balloons. With these you can create columns, place them around the walls or for a more original approach make the float at the top of your party venue. Match the balloons with the color of your dress, shoes and accessories.


Quinceañera Banner Ideas

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Welcome banners or images

Remember, first impressions last forever! Your guests will love the gesture of feeling welcome. Place a picture near your guest book for everyone to see and write their congratulations. If you prefer, hang banners with your name on it, create a balloon arch and place flowers where necessary, as long as it fits the decoration, you’re good to go.


Quinceañera Centerpieces

Centerpieces, the most important element when it comes to decor items

Centerpieces are key pieces to any decor items. There are so many choices like the flowers, crystal vases, wine bottles, candles, balloons arrangements and the always growing trend: ecofriendly centerpieces.

Whichever you choose, select standard size centerpieces, you don’t want to block the view from your guests.

A beautiful Quinceanera table setup with a rose gold sequin table runner. The long table is adorned with a number of place settings.

Table linens, dress to impress

These must match your theme, if you’re going for elegant make sure the fabric you choose in fact looks refined and distinct; tables, napkins and chairs, dress all of these decor items to impress.


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