5 Elements Every Greek Inspired Quinceañera Should Have
5 Elements Every Greek Inspired Quinceañera Should Have

5 Elements Every Greek Inspired Quinceañera Should Have

Remind everyone that you’re a goddess with an ancient Greek themed Quinceañera.

The ancient Greek motif uses plain, neutral colors with shimmering accents of gold and silver. It isn’t too flashy, as a reminder that your natural beauty and splendor speak for themselves.

Here are some ideas to turn a Greek-themed quince from myth to reality.

Use lots of flowers

The ancient Greeks were huge on floral decorations, especially for their fragrance. Classic Greek flowers to use in your center piece or decorations are hyacinths, honeysuckles, roses, lilies, tulips, larkspur, and marigolds.

Gold Styled Invitations 

White with gold accents are the colors of Grecian elegance. Nothing says heavenly goddess like this color combination. Take any normal party decoration and accent them with gold. You can also try white invitations with gold-metallic ink. You may have seen the rectangular-squiggly on Greek themed stuff; it’s called a meander and was one of the most important symbols in ancient Greece. You’ll definitely find this symbol on more than a few Greek themed party-pieces.


This is your Quinceañera, not a college frat party from the 70s! To get your party-wear looking flowy and elegant, you’ll want a dress that’s drapey and without too much embroidery or fluff. At the same time, we don’t want you going out in a bed sheet, so find a happy medium that works for you (remember: simple and elegant). Bright white with gold and silver accessories will give you that heavenly look.

Embrace your natural beauty.

Show off your glow with a sunkissed makeup look that highlights your cheekbones. To achieve this look, highlighter and bronze are a must for a tanned appearance. Do not over do it with your eye look, stick to natural lashes and a brown smoky eye. Now for the hair, a messy hair-do is a must! Incorporate a cute headband  They practically invented the trend of wearing flowers in the hair, so you and your guests should definitely do the same.

Traditional Greek menu

Hire an authentic Greek catering service. Nothing says “Greek” like olives, feta cheese, and lamb. Other traditional entrees include youvetsi and tiropita. Make sure to have baklava for dessert, otherwise your entire Greek party will be a sham and mean nothing.

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