5 Must-have Quinceañera Masquerade Decorations
5 Must-have Quinceañera Masquerade Decorations

5 Must-have Quinceañera Masquerade Decorations

After so much thinking out finally set your mind on your Quinceañera theme?

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If it happens to be a Masquerade Quince, you will fall head over heels for the next items! 

Take a look at how easy it is to transport your guests into a whole new world with the appropriate Quinceañera decorations.

• The Cutest Cupcakes

Who said you couldn’t decorate food? Give your guests a piece of masquerade goodness with cupcakes shaped like a mask in your Quince color. Not only are they appealing to the eye, but they’ll satisfy any sweet tooth!

• DIY Masks Everywhere!

Use your creativity to make the most luxurious looking masks! Trust us, incorporating your personality to your theme will make your Quince super unique. Play around with colors and materials and turn into a fun DIY project. Hang your creations around the venue or place a few on each table and encourage your guests to wear one!

• Glitzy Head Table Décor

You deserve to be the center of attention at your Quinceañera so it’s important to carefully decorate the head table. Fall in love with the sparkly black table cloth, the high gold vase, the round bouquet of white roses, and the white candles topping it off. All together, with a throne chair, will add elegance to your masquerade quince!

• Classic Feathers

Besides masks, you cannot forget the feathers! And you can’t go wrong with white feathers, regardless of your color theme. Go all out with tall, exaggerated feathered centerpieces and feather detailing that will match your Quince cake to your theme.

A long table is set for a formal Quinceanera dinner in a function hall.

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• Think About The Lighting!

One of the not-so-obvious details that will completely change the atmosphere of your Quince is the lighting. Investing in your lighting and reflecting masquerade colors will let your guests know that they came to a real masquerade ball. We’re sure you’ll agree it’s a must have!

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