5 Tips to Enhance Your XV Party with Tablecloths
5 Tips to Enhance Your XV Party with Tablecloths

5 Tips to Enhance Your XV Party with Tablecloths

Small details like these tips come in handy when choosing linens and napkins that can enhance the style of your party without inflating your Quinceañera budget.

Take note of these simple details that will help you surprise your guests.

A Quinceanera themed image featuring a fork and a napkin.

Think outside the box!

Although the tradition is to choose a color that goes under the garb of the celebrant, the tablecloths can be totally different, from fine embroidered linen, metallic and pearl shades that are super fashionable or even with animal prints.

Napkins for your XV Party 

The napkins can add a touch of class to your party. You can order your monogram napkins or ask the agency for an attractive and original fold for the napkins that can serve as a source of conversation during the party.

Combine the tablecloth with the XV party theme

If you make an intimate gathering, the mats can be a very attractive option that add class to the presentation of the tables. You can use your imagination and combine them beautifully with the theme for your party.

Decorate the head table

For the tables of your sponsors or godparents, you can add a table runner of a different color, distinguished other than the usual and give them special treatment for your loved ones who worked with you for your celebration. There are hundreds of options in the market that can combine with tablecloths offered by banqueting houses or make one specially decorated with your name or a motif chosen for your quince.

Finishing decor touch 

The napkin rings are the finishing touch that can be sealed with a gold brooch party table. You can choose original napkin, add a flower to the center of the napkin, a card with a personalized message for each guest or a thank you for your sponsors or godparents.

tablecloth for a xv party

Napkin arrangements are unique and extremely elegant.

When choosing linens you can ask to make a prior demonstration to see how the models will be effectively served at a table. It requires them to show you different folds to pick the one you like. Remember that the cloth should be chosen according to the shape and size of the tables. For reference, the ideal is that the cloth should cover the entire table and drop at least one third of the distance to the floor.

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