50 things for your charra Quinceañera party
50 things for your charra Quinceañera party

50 things for your charra Quinceañera party

Do you admire Frida Kahlo and can't wait for Day of the Dead?

If "conchas" are your favorite sweet bread and you are going to hire a mariachi for your Quinceañera, then you must celebrate your Mexican roots with a fun charro party for your Quince.

This unique theme will soon become one of the most popular!

We present you the 50 things you must add to your charro Quinceañera party to make it an unforgettable celebration.

Colorful decorations, cakes, and ruffled dresses will make you fall in love instantly.


Your Quinceañera cake should be a work of art with colorful designs and flowers full of Mexican inspiration.

VESTIDOS DE QUINCEAÑERA Charro-style Quinceañera dresses are very full and feature beautiful embroidered designs. Your guests won't be able to take their eyes off of you. This section of the web page contains a series of image links. The images are thumbnails of different quinceañera dresses in a charro style. Each image is wrapped in an anchor tag with a link to a Pinterest page showcasing the dress. The images have a width and height of 150 pixels, and their source URLs vary depending on the particular dress. 


El papel picado, las flores de papel de colores, los manteles de rayas y las vasijas de cerámica, forman parte de una decoración de inspiración mexicana que transformará tu espacio en algo digno de admiración.

A colorful blanket draped over a chair next to a potted plant at a Quinceanera celebration





Your favorite charro elements should be part of your Quinceañera invitations. You'll be surprised to know how many creative ideas there are for your lottery and papel picado invitations, take a look at them.



Take a prop from your booth and say cheese. Stylish mustaches, hats, papel picado, and sarapes are some fun ideas to create your own booth. A colorful background with paper flowers will take your booth to the next level.

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