50 Things to Add to Your Charro Quinceañera
50 Things to Add to Your Charro Quinceañera

50 Things to Add to Your Charro Quinceañera

You admire Frida Kahlo, you can’t wait for Dia de los Muertos, conchas are your favorite pastries, and you are hiring a mariachi for your quinceañera without a doubt.

If this is you then you should celebrate your Mexican roots with a fun and festive charro quinceañera. This unique theme will soon become one of the most popular!


Check out the 50 things you must add to your charro Quinceañera to make it the most unforgettable party ever! The colorful decor, cakes, and ruffled dresses will make you instantly fall in love.

Quinceañera CAKES

Your Quinceañera cake should be a work of art with colorful, intricate Mexican-inspired designs and flowers!


Quinceañera DRESSES

Charro Quinceañera dresses are super puffy and have beautiful embroidered designs. Everyone at your party will not be able to keep their eyes off of you!



Papel picado, colorful paper flowers, striped tablecloths, and ceramic pots are all Mexican-inspired decor that will transform your venue space into something wow-worthy. Add delicious Mexican candy and deserts to your candy table for an authentic feel.



Your favorite charro elements should be part of your quinceañera invitations! You’ll be surprised how many creative ideas there are from loteria to papel picado invitations, take a look!



Grab a prop and say queso! Styled mustaches, sombreros, papel picado, and sarapes are all fun prop ideas to build your photo booth. A colorful backdrop with paper flowers would take it to the next level.


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