A 50’s Quinceañera
A 50’s Quinceañera

A 50’s Quinceañera

The decade of the 50’s was a super stylish era! The fads that originated back then are now cool vintage trends all girls follow.

50s quinceañera

Celebrating a A 50’s Quinceañera is a great idea for the unique, fashionista and retro girl.

Take a look at the next pictures we’ve compiled just for you and see if you’ve found your XV theme.

Think Pinup for your XV Hairstyle

Waves & Faux Bangs!

A collage of photos featuring various Quinceanera hairstyles from the book '10-Minute Hairstyles: 50 Step-by-Step Looks'.

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Quinceañera Dress

Forget about the puffy skirts with the puppy image, leave that for your surprise dance! This day you’re a star! Consider these styles for your fiesta…

Quince Transportation

Besides the breakthrough in fashion, the 50’s were an amazing era for the automotive industry. You must arrive in one of these!

It ain’t no A 50’s Quinceañera without a 1951 Buick Roadmaster!


1954 Studebaker Starliner


1958 Corvette


Surprise Dance

A Grease Inspired Baile Sorpresa with Rock en Español or inspired by the movie ‘Grease’ is the best way to seal your Quince theme!

50’s Quinceañera Decoration Ideas

Save some money on your XV and add to your theme with an old school jukebox!


Or call our friends from C9 Balloons and request a jukebox made out of balloons!


Edible Milkshake Centerpieces for your guests!

And add a twist of fun with mini milkshake cupcakes!


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