6 Rules when planning a Coral Quinceañera
6 Rules when planning a Coral Quinceañera

6 Rules when planning a Coral Quinceañera

Most of the times, when choosing our Quinceañera theme the excitement keeps us from considering certain factors we might figure out once is too late. Now if you’re planning a Coral Quinceañera those factors are even more important!


Make sure to follow these six rules to avoid any Quince mishaps:

6) Choose the right tone of coral

Pick one or two shades and stick to it or your Quince will look like different tones of blush. Coral pink, coral reef, coral peach or pinkish coral, you decide!


5) Don’t go with coral table cloths

We assume your Quinceañera dress will be coral and you don’t want your tables to look just like you. Go with white table linens with coral accents.


4) Leave deep sea corals alone

Unless you want your guests to misunderstand your theme for an Under the Sea Quinceañera…

3) Have your Quince during summer or spring

Coral is a romantic and fun pastel color; autumn and winter are not necessarily the best fit for it. If you have your heart set on it, pair it with gray or brown for a fall Quinceañera.

2) Do coral on your eyes OR your lips, never both!

Of course you want to match your Quinceañera makeup to your theme but don’t go all clown-crazy.

1) Mixing black and coral is not alway cool

Lastly, do not ask your dad and chambelanes to wear a black tuxedo with a coral tie; it will not look classy…


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