8 Quinceañera Color Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs
8 Quinceañera Color Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs

8 Quinceañera Color Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs

Avoid committing the following quinceañera color mistakes at all costs! These tips will help you choose the best color scheme according to your personality and venue.


Mistake #1: Choosing Too Many Colors

Tip: Choose 2-4 colors for your color palette.

Tip: Choose 2-4 colors for your color palette.

Don’t get carried away with your thematic colors because your reception might end up looking like a hot mess. Instead, choose 2-4 colors that look cohesive together. Neutral shades and a pop of color or different shades of the same color are the way to go.

Mistake #2: Strictly Sticking to Two Colors

Sure, you can combine your favorite color with white but it’s soooo overplayed! It’s time to try something different. Stick to a certain shade of your favorite color and add 2-3 neutral shades to the mix. Everyone will love your sense of style!

Mistake #3: Refusing to Use Texture

Polka dots, stripes, chevron, floral print – any of these textured patterns will make all the difference in your decor. Try this: if your color scheme involves a bold color such as coral, consider adding a striped or polka-dotted table runner to complement your centerpieces.

Mistake #4: Not Taking Into Consideration the Colors of the Venue

It’s super important to have your color scheme in mind when you’re choosing your venue! If the walls of the hall are red, then having a mint green and pink color scheme will clash. Use the decor and color palette of the venue to help you choose the right color theme!

Mistake #5: Forcing the Flowers to Match Your Colors

Hydrangeas are expensive out of season.

Blue hydrangeas might be expensive and hard to find when out of season.

It might be difficult to find flowers that are the exact colors of your palette. For example, blue flowers are super uncommon. If you do find blue flowers (hydrangeas), be prepared to spend extra especially if they’re out of season. Instead, go with a neutral or complementing color and use a blue vase.

Mistake #6: Using an Unflattering Color for Your Court of Honor Attire

neutral quinceañera color

Gorgeous court of honor attire using a neutral quinceañera color! Photo by Synthetic Color

Rule of thumb: Choose the cutest color of your theme for your damas’ dresses. Colors such as yellow and orange look great in decor but may not necessarily be the most flattering color for the dresses. If you want to incorporate that particular color, you may do so in the accessories. When in doubt, go with neutral colors!

Mistake #7: Thinking You HAVE to Choose Seasonal Colors

Just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean you have to choose blue and white or red, white, and green. If you have a color palette in mind but think it’s out of season, just go for it! Too risky? Then you can always customize the color to fit the season. For example, hot pink may seem like a summery color but you may opt in for blush instead for a spring vibe. Moreover, avoid predictable color palettes such as red, white, and blue – sounds like 4th of July, right? Think outside the box and dare to be different!

Mistake #8: Not Giving Your Quinceañera Vendors Pictures of Your Color Palette

Sure, you can tell your cake baker that your color theme is blue and purple. But they might get the shades wrong and it runs the risk of looking super tacky on the dessert table. Hand them pictures of your color palette so you don’t get any last minute surprises.

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