A Betty Boop Themed Quinceañera!
A Betty Boop Themed Quinceañera!

A Betty Boop Themed Quinceañera!

A woman in a red Quinceanera dress and hat, resembling Betty Boop





August 9th is Betty Boop’s birthday and in honor of her special day, why not celebrate your Quince with a Betty Boop theme?!

Betty Boop is known for her black, red and white clothing attire, not to mention her fun flapper girl ways. A black boa, black feathers and the occasional string of pearls are some of her best accessories. By incorporating these elements into your Quinceañera invitations, Quinceañera dress and Quinceañera decorations you can surprise your guests with a unique decorating theme and have a wonderful time planning your Quince party!


Invitations for Quinceañera
The party invites are your guests’ first clue about the theme of your party. For these, you can choose invitations that picture Betty Boop inviting your guests to the celebration, or use a picture of yourself dressed as the iconic doll. If you’d rather keep the Betty Boop theme a surprise until your guests arrive to the venue, an elegant invitation in a black/red/white color scheme and with a small bow or feather is a great way to add the classic Betty Boop colors to your invites, without spoiling the surprise.

A woman in a red Quinceanera gown posing for a picture

Dressing the part
Although Betty Boop is known for wearing a snug, red dress with a sweetheart neckline and a slit down the front, you can choose to incorporate some elements of that design into a dress that’s more appropriate for your party. A Quinceañera dress in red or white, with a sweetheart neckline and minimal touches of black will draw inspiration from the classic character and still be elegant enough for your celebration.

A woman in a quinceanera dress and a man in a tuxedo

For your court
A short black dress for the ladies in your court will compliment your red or white Quince gown beautifully. A sequined party dress with an empire waistline, sequin bodice and mesh netting is lovely for your damas to wear during your religious ceremony and fun enough for them to dance in during your party.

And for the boys, there are numerous styles of tuxedos to choose from. The double-breasted, the cutaway, and those with tails and high/low vests are a few of the options. If you’re having trouble choosing which style you’d like to see your chambelanes in, you can use the services of websites such as DavidsBridal.com where you can virtually custom design a tuxedo to your taste. The type of jacket, undershirt, style of tie and the number of buttons on the jacket are all customizable options.

To complete your chambelanes’ style, consider the cool shoe options from the Los Lonely Boys Stacy Adam’s signature collection.

A Quinceanera table centerpiece featuring a vase filled with red roses and black feathers

Set the mood
When choosing decorations for your venue, let “Old Hollywood” be your muse. Black boas, martini glasses and white plume feathers can be used throughout the venue in the gift and cake table, entrance and in your centerpieces, for example. A silver disco ball hanging from the ceiling on the center of the dance floor is an inviting way to get your guests dancing and will also enhance the aesthetics of your Betty Boop themed party.

Quinceanera themed image: Betty Boop doll sitting in a martini glass with marshmallows

The Quinceañera cake and Quinceañera topper
A multi tier Quince cake following the same color scheme of black, red and white can serve as the base for your cake. The cake topper can be a Betty Boop doll along with a few black feathers to go with her flapper girl personality. If you’re looking into possibly serving cupcakes rather than having a traditional birthday cake, cupcakes with black, red and white icing incorporating elements of your Betty Boop decorations is an eye-pleasing way to serve your Quince theme to your guests.


Special sweets
Candy buffets or pastry tables are quickly becoming staples in Quinceañera parties, especially since they’re easy to create and can be customized to fit any party theme. For your Betty Boop inspired candy buffet or pastry table, you may consider using M&M’s, licorice, gumballs, taffy, gummi bears, foil wrapped chocolates, peppermints, marshmallows, KISSES, dipped pretzels, brownies, red velvet cupcakes, and any other favorite sweet that falls under the black, red and white color theme.

To learn how to set up your own candy buffet, check out this piece here. And, get more Quinceañera party theme ideas by checking out our Party Planning section as well.

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