A Classy Constellation Theme
A Classy Constellation Theme

A Classy Constellation Theme

Similar to a Galaxy themed Quinceañera, this concept remains out of this world! Primarily focused on a beautiful constellation, a group of twinkling stars in the night sky! Inspired by the infamous painting by Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night.

A Quinceanera inspired by The Starry Night painting, depicting a starry night with a church in the distance.

Click here to read more about the famous Starry Night painting!

Be the shining star in this wanderlust Starry Night Sky. Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, this will definitely be a night to remember! Choose between silver or gold combined with navy blue, they both go great with this celestial theme.

Stellar Centerpieces 

Illuminate your venue with LED centerpieces that will instantly set the mood for your special occasion.

Invite your guests to a night under the stars! Send out invitations decorated with stars all over.

Starry Night Cake

Break some rules and think outside the box when customizing your own celestial masterpiece cake.

Celestial Dresses

An absolute must in order to pull off this magical theme is choosing a navy blue XV dress that will complement the Starry Night. If you are feeling a little extra, opt for an all gold or silver dress that will make you the shining star of the night.

Shining Star Decorations

Light up the night with the following decorations. Remember, it’s all in the details.

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