A Fairy Fantasy

A Fairy Fantasy

The fairy core lifestyle is all about adding a bit of magic to your everyday life. This theme at your quince is perfect for a nature-loving girly!

This fairy-core aesthetic revolves around gentle animals, flowers, butterflies, or anything nature-related. There are no rules when it comes to including this enchanting theme at your party. Keep reading for more inspo when it comes to creating a magical theme. 

Magical photoshoot

Get in the spirit and into character with a fairy-inspired photoshoot. These photoshoots should be taken in the woods surrounded by flowers. Consider using these photographs for your invitations or display them around your party venue. 

Very fairy dresses

Let your inner fairy out with your quince dress. It’s important to think of spring and be playful when picking out your dress. Check out the following dresses from the JDN Princess dress shop.

Enchanting hair

You don’t have to go full fairy mode on your guest to make this theme work. Try and incorporate a romantic and whimsical hairstyle with tiny details to tie in your theme.

Whimsical cakes

Fairycore is rooted in nature and it’s all about the vibrant colors of spring. Consider getting cakes topped with flowers, butterflies, or roses. These beautiful cakes will have your guest waiting for seconds

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