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Creativity is important in choosing a theme for quinceañeras

A Fun Historic Theme for Quinceañeras

Elizabeth de la Torre

Hello history fanatics. Here is a dress theme that will address your historical fantasies. This is definitely a creative theme for quinceañeras.


If you’ve ever watched a movie about the Renaissance then you must have been taken back by the intricate designs of the dresses. This look competes in beauty with the more traditional themes for quinceañeras since Renaissance dresses particularly have more intricate designs and stitching. During the Renaissance, dresses took a long time to make especially for royalty. Royalty dresses were made in mostly rich colors like purple and red with gemstones and intricate stitching. The longer the dress, the more important the female was in society.

Some places to look for some ideas to design, order, rent, or buy are online stores. Due to the popularity of Renaissance fairs, there are many sites that offer clothing for males, females and kids. These stores have wide selections of dresses ranging from serfs to royalty. The most authentic dresses in satin and lace will be the most expensive but, for all you history fanatics, these dresses will be a steal!

Instead of having your Quinceañera party at a fancy place, a more Renaissance look could be set up at a park. Choose a park that has a lot of trees and plants for a look that mimics the wilderness. Guests will enjoy eating at a long wooden table with wooden chairs that mimic a table for royalty in Renaissance times. Adhere to a more authentic raw décor without any banners, balloons, or hanging decorations. Instead of lamps uses natural looking candles or even a fire pit for your guests to socialize by.

The food at the party should offer many kinds of meat of the game variety. This includes deer, chicken, and turkey. Having a variety of vegetables and bread is a must. Another thing to consider is to hire waiters and waitresses that can dress up as servants to walk around with fruit platters at the beginning of the event. While the guests eat, play some music in the background that resembles the music of Renaissance times.  Renaissance music makes relaxing and romantic quinceañera songs.



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