Fairy Tale Wonderland Quinceañera Theme
Fairy Tale Wonderland Quinceañera Theme

Fairy Tale Wonderland Quinceañera Theme

There are many details to consider when searching through Quinceañera themes. From the delectable cake your guests will feast on, to the chariot in which you will arrive and the dress in which you will grace the dance floor, all these elements will be vital in adding opulence to your grand ball.

A fairy tale wonderland is one Quinceañera theme that never seems to go out of style. And that’s greatly due to the touches of fantasy that it can give to most every single detail of your Quince celebration.


Quinceanera ceremony supply Cake, a gold and pink cake sitting on top of a table

Take this cake for example. The Sweet & Saucy Shop combines two important elements—savory and stunning—in this golden cake creation. The miniature cake with royal detailing can be conveniently served as part of a pastry buffet, a centerpiece or enlarged to feed your entire guest list as your Quinceañera cake.

Cake by Sweet & Saucy Shop.


Ragazza fashion Quinceanera dresses 2014 Gown, a woman in a dress sitting on a bed of flowers

Ragazza Fashion is on point with this floral print Quince dress that follows one of the most popular trends of the year—and that suits your fairytale Quinceañera theme perfectly. Although floral prints were a Spring showcase in most fashion runway shows, its feminine and fun attributes make it perfect for Quince girls of all seasons.

Dress by Ragazza Fashion; Collection L’Bouton.



A French Manicure  entails a nice clean look.

Although acrylics and French-tip manis are a go-to for these type of grand events, a fun, vibrant base color is really all you need to show your fashionista spirit. Rather than polishing your nails yourself, visit a salon for a full beauty regimen that will leave your nails looking revitalized.

Nail polish by L’Oréal Paris Colour Rich in Club Prive, $5.00.



A bottle of perfume for Quinceanera on a white background

And of course, you’ll not only want to look amazing but smell like it too. For this choose a perfume that’s clean and crisp but not too clingy. This year, mega mogul Jennifer Lopez celebrated ten years of perfume making with the release of “Glowing”, which is a continuation of her 2002 Glow launch. The top notes are bergamot, mandarin and cypress. Lovely!

Perfume Jennifer Lopez Glowing by JLo, Kohl’s $39-$65.


A Quinceanera necklace and earring set with blue stones

As far as Quinceañera accessories are concerned, big, bold and unique statement necklaces can do all the talking for you. With a set such as this one, your Quinceañera fashion will come full circle.

Necklace Teal Blue Crystal Rhinestone Bib Necklace by Houseofglass.ecrater.com, $38.99.


A Quinceanera celebration with a cream and champagne color scheme. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a spa indulgence with a Mediterranean bliss theme. The image showcases a glowing body.

Days before your party, you’ll want to prepare your canvas for the big day. By this I mean your face. For this, stimulate dull, lifeless skin with a great exfoliator. This will leave your skin looking radiant and picturesque worthy of golden frames.

Exfoliator Champneys Body Glow Mediterranean Bliss Body Glow, Target, $11.99

Quinceañera woman in a wedding dress standing next to a horse drawn carriage

As far as your Quinceañera travel is concerned, horse drawn carriages such as those available from Enchanted Carriages are the ultimate way to arrive to your grand ball. Fit for a Princess and selected few, it’s the way most fairy-tale starlets begin their night to remember.

Carriage by Enchanted Carriage.


A pair of high-heeled Christian Louboutin Cinderella Slipper shoes with bows on them, perfect for a Quinceanera event.

Just for fun I’ll have you know that French footwear designer Christian Louboutin designed a Cinderella inspired heel for the fall 2012 release of the Disney classic’s Diamond Edition. The slippers are so exclusive that only 20 pairs were made, all of which will be given away through a series of contests. A girl can dream!

Slipper Limited edition, Cinderella inspired Christian Louboutin; not for retail.

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