A Simple, Elegant Quinceañera for a Sophisticated Girl
A Simple, Elegant Quinceañera for a Sophisticated Girl

A Simple, Elegant Quinceañera for a Sophisticated Girl

Throwing a simple, elegant quinceañera consists of being sophisticated, classy,  intelligent, and old-fashioned with a modern twist. 

Show the world the put-together young lady that you’ve become with a picture-perfect soiree (AKA, fancy party)!  Having a classy event means that we have to pay attention to the details. A good place to start is always deciding on an elegant color scheme. An elegant color scheme to consider consists of jewel-tone colors such as royal blue, ruby, emerald, sapphire, gold, silver, bronze, and white. Pick one or two of the previous colors mentioned for a  classy and timeless feel. Keep reading for more tips and tricks to ensure your Quince event is stylish and tasteful.


Classy Cakes

When shopping around for the perfect cake we want to keep one thing in mind. Less is more! This is especially true when looking for a cake that is appropriate for a more formal event. It’s important to x-out cakes that have too many wild details or contrasting colors. We want a simple cake that is not too loud and that will coordinate well with our event.


Tasteful Quince Dresses

In order to look elegant and poised in your quinceañera dress, you have to feel elegant and poised. Your guest will be able to pick up your vibe if you’re not comfortable and confident in your own skin. The best way to work around this is to build your self-confidence before the festivities. Consider the following tasteful dresses to add to your Quinceañera Pinterest board.


Effortless Elegant Makeup

Sophisticated makeup consists of neutral tones and blended-out eye and face makeup. It’s important to focus on an area of your face that you want to highlight with makeup. For example, you can choose to wear a bolder lipstick to be attentive to your lips or play up your eyes with a bold lash. We want to stay away from bold colors like reds, greens, blues, and such. The secret is to not overdo it! Remember, less is more!


Pristine Photoshoot Location

Quince pictures are usually taken before or after church depending on how early your mass is that morning. These pictures are going to live forever so we want to ensure that they don’t haunt us for the rest of our lives. When scouting for a location to take your Quinceañera pictures keep the following tips in mind.

  1. Find the right photographer
  2. Use a location that is naturally beautiful 
  3. Work with natural light

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