A vintage-style Sweet 15
A vintage-style Sweet 15

A vintage-style Sweet 15

A vintage-themed quinceañera would be classic and romantic, synonymous with exclusivity and craftsmanship.

It's a journey back to the past loaded with pastel tones, lace, cameos, velvet ribbons, pearl accessories, exquisite arrangements with wildflowers, and delicate details that evoke an era of femininity.

It's a return to handmade items that make pieces unique, the art of calligraphy, cakes, and cupcakes with detailed decorations and colors.

Vintage and good taste go hand in hand, making it an option to choose as the theme for your Quinceañera.

If you want to revive that taste for details, you can make your grand debut as a young lady by using vintage elements in your party, as shown here.

What to wear for your vintage-style Quinceañera

If you're looking for vintage dresses, think of something classic and romantic. You can choose one in pastel tones, with details like ribbons, brooches, and lace.

If you prefer wearing an outfit with a modern cut, go ahead; just by adding some accessories, you can achieve that romantic look. For example, lace gloves, a flower headband, small pearls, or earrings with tiny diamonds will give that touch of romanticism you're seeking.

Elegance for your Quinceañera sandals

Close up of a person wearing high heel sandals for Quinceanera A pair of nude colored Quinceanera shoes with bows, featuring a basic pump Kitten heel. Close-up of a person wearing red and white Quinceanera high-heeled shoes

The outfit for a vintage quinceañera includes everything. You shouldn't neglect any detail. If your dress shows part of your legs, you can wear a pair of pantyhose in a color matching your dress; make sure they don't shine and are in a matte, light color. For your big day, wear a pair of quinceañera sandals or high heels that make you appear taller.

Decorations with a vintage touch


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Nowadays, candy tables are quite a novelty because they allow you to recreate them according to your taste and budget. Cupcakes decorated to resemble lace and flowers are the perfect touch to showcase your romantic and dreamy side. Add macaroons and order a white cake with natural roses in different shades of pink. Complement the table decoration with a lace tablecloth that you can borrow from your grandmother.


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