All there is to know about your Quinceañera Theme
All there is to know about your Quinceañera Theme

All there is to know about your Quinceañera Theme

You have announced on social media that you will be having a Quinceañera and now your friends won’t stop asking what is your theme and colors.

quince theme guideline

There are way too many things going on in your head and now you must take on the number one matter to create your Quinceañera!!! What to do?!

We’ve created a Quinceañera theme guideline just for you!

Now take a deep breath and before choosing whatever your cousins advised, take a look at these tips:

You must choose a topic

A must for every celebration or your decoration will turn out to be a blend of all things you like but not necessarily match one another. Choosing a theme means picking a Quince dress to match it plus your invitations, your center pieces, your cake and your venue decor must also blend in.

Selecting a Quinceañera Theme vs Choosing a Quinceañera Color

Some themes work best with a particular color palette, but we always suggest Quinceañeras to pick either a theme or a color, never both. This will help when purchasing decorations and crafting materials for DIY projects.

Must it be seasonal?

Not sure whether or not to celebrate a Winter Wonderland Quinceañera during summer? Go for it! The challenge will be to truly take your guests on an off-season trip with your decorations!

Trending Themes

Don’t be afraid to choose the typical topics. An advantage of this is that you won’t have trouble finding decorations for less money and a disadvantage is that your friends’ theme might be the same as yours.

Unique Themes

On the other hand, it’s ok to be different! You will have to get creative when it comes to decorations but choosing the most unique Quinceañera theme will have your friends talking about your party months after it happened.

With this in mind, do you think you’ll be able to choose yours?

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