A Spanish Hacienda Princess Themed Quinceañera
A Spanish Hacienda Princess Themed Quinceañera

A Spanish Hacienda Princess Themed Quinceañera

A Hacienda is a large area of land with a large home that is usually owned by one wealthy family.

These beautiful properties usually have a Spanish colonial influence like red tile roofs, rounded arches, and rustic wood accents. A Hacienda is not to be confused with a rancho! This is an elevated elegant version of a ranch on a larger property. Keep reading for more tips and tricks on how to throw our very own Hacienda princess-inspired Quinceañera.


Hacienda Princess Dresses by GLAUDI

The goal is to have you transform into a hacienda princess on the day of your quinceañera. This means that you’re going to have to look the part! You can do this by incorporating the hacienda color scheme when on the search for the perfect dress. Consider these beautiful Glaudi gowns made by couture dress designer Johana Hernandez.

Mission San Juan Capistrano, a Quinceanera landmark, featuring a chapel, museum, and gardens with a woman in a pink dress standing in a doorway

A man in a tuxedo and a woman in a Quinceanera gown

gown Dress 

  Mission San Juan Capistrano, a landmark chapel, museum and gardens, featuring a Quinceañera celebration with a man and a woman standing in front of bells

Make-up & Hair

Ideally, a hairstyle that is up and out of your face will work the best for our Hacienda-themed quince. Think about adding extensions for length and accessories like roses to your hair for the ultimate Spanish vibes. Our hacienda makeup should consist of a natural, fresh, and bright face. Check out the beautiful glam done by @sexymakeupstudio for more hacienda inspiration.

Hacienda XV Cakes

What makes a good cake for a hacienda-themed quince? There are a few good options when choosing a cake for this theme. Consider having an all-white cake with a few red roses or colorful flower accents! Cakes with textured tile designs are also a great choice.


Spanish Styled Shoot Ideas

Having a photo shoot for your quinceañera is a must! You’re going to want to have these memories documented to look back on in the future. The location of your photoshoot is very important because it has the power to make or break your pictures. Consider having your photo shoot at a Spanish mission like San Juan Capistrano for breathtaking images.

Spanish Colonial Decorations

A hacienda-themed quinceañera works best in an outdoor setting but an indoor event can work too. The trick is to incorporate elements like wood, iron, and colorful tiles that give off a Spanish-style feel. 

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