Beautiful flower decorations for your Quinceañera
Beautiful flower decorations for your Quinceañera

Beautiful flower decorations for your Quinceañera


Nowadays, flowers aren't just for bouquets and centerpieces. The creativity of event planners has expanded, turning them into key elements to decorate any celebration regardless of the theme.

Take a look at the following ideas and decorate your party with beautiful flowers.


A backdrop covered with flowers


Popularized by Kim Kardashian at her wedding, walls full of flowers are the trend today. Hire a professional or visit Pinterest and YouTube for DIY ideas. Consider placing your wall at the entrance of your party so that your guests can take photos upon arrival.

A charming curtain of little flowers


If hippie style is your thing, opt for a curtain with small flowers that match your dress. Hang them with fishing line or a strip of cotton, or decorate the edges of a curtain with natural petals. It'll look super chic!

Beautiful combinations with gypsophila


Often, the cost of flowers ends up being higher than expected. To avoid this, combine your favorite flower with sprigs of white gypsophila.

  • For your bouquets, choose two flowers per bridesmaid and add gypsophila around them.
  • For your centerpieces, choose four for each decoration, per table.

Tall, round, and elegant centerpieces


This type of centerpiece has become more popular in the last six months. Although it seems expensive, there are several hacks to achieve it within your Quince budget.

  • Decorate them only with gypsophila, handle it with care as this plant is extremely delicate and any sudden movement could undo the arrangement completely.
  • Buy foam balls and place natural or paper petals with pins.

Giant flowers


Another idea is to include giant paper flowers in your Quince photos. You can buy them on Etsy.com or find a video on how to make them yourself.

Visit PaperFlora.com and learn how to make the "Hello Beautiful" wall from the main photo yourself.

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