Big, Bold, and Fabulous Quinceañera themes
Big, Bold, and Fabulous Quinceañera themes

Big, Bold, and Fabulous Quinceañera themes

The latest trends in Quinceañera themes require for birthday girl’s to grab one simple idea and transform it into an epic concept for their celebration.



Here are a few of those designs that are currently making parties events to remember.

Brazilian carnival (above): With an abundance of color, this idea is inspired by the vivacious rhythms of a Caribbean celebration. To celebrate your Quince to the beat of this drum, animate your party with a lavish surprise dance—head wear and all!

A Quinceanera celebration with a simple theme. The room is filled with lots of tables and chairs.

Peaches and crème: A color palette with the perfect balance of sweetness and sophistication, this color theme allows elaborated venues to require only minimal decorations. Just check out this set-up created by Tiaras and Tacones Events!

A person holding a pair of fake nails for a Quinceanera event.


Masquerade: This ever-popular Quinceañera themes is one Quince girls can’t seem to get enough of! But we don’t blame them. We also love the idea of playing dress up with masks, feathers, and a manicure that allows for richly elaborated designs such as this one by Kawaii Nails.

A beautiful woman in a yellow dress posing for a picture at a Quinceanera event

Miami nights: Perfect for Quinceañera themes for the summer or to warm up winter celebrations, a party decked out to mirror the vibrant nightlife of the city of Miami is enough to get any girl in instant party mood. For this theme, use bold colors and laser beams to drench your dance floor and consider hiring professional dancers to liven up your Quince.

quinceañera theme

Maybe try a quinceañera theme more rugged looking.

Urban Art: Inspired by art communities, this theme is an edgy celebration of graffiti art and the skilled artists that makeup these creative hubs all around the world. Consider taking your Quince photos in against a mural such as the one above.


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