An Exotic & Colorful Bollywood Quinceañera Theme
An Exotic & Colorful Bollywood Quinceañera Theme

An Exotic & Colorful Bollywood Quinceañera Theme

Do bold colors and Indian patterns rule your closet? Is Aladdin your favorite childhood movie? Do you dream in royalty? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have the perfect quinceañera theme for you – Bollywood!

Your guests will enjoy a magical night in luxury with decorations that are extremely appealing to the eye! Find out why a Bollywood Quinceañera theme will soon become one of the most popular.


Your quinceañera invitations must have 3 key elements: Indian patterns, bold colors, and metallic gold. Keep in mind that the more designs, the pricier your invitations will be. If your budget permits, a cute brooch on the cover will make a big difference!


Your Quinceañera dress could be as simple as a flowy white skirt with an embroidered top in gold, to something extravagant with a puffy multi-colored skirt. Make a statement at your Quinceañera by making a grand entrance wearing a two piece dress with a beaded high neckline. Make sure to choose bold colors that go with your color theme if you want to stand out from the crowd. Need some ideas for your Bollywood makeup? Click here!


Go all out with your Quinceañera cake! Ask your baker for pillow-shaped tiers, patterns outlined in gold, colorful flowers, and an elephant cake topper. You may choose cupcakes instead of a cake if that’s what you prefer, which will allow for every guest to enjoy a beautiful piece. The options for your dessert table are endless! Just make sure to decorate the background with royal curtains and use a metallic gold table cloth. The more color you use, the more appetizing it’ll look!


Since your decor has bold colors, you don’t want to get carried away with too many decorations. It would be overwhelming to the eye having too many colors all around the venue. Instead, keep your centerpieces simple with low & colorful flowers and gold plates, forks, and spoons. For the reception entrance, you may place a beautiful flower curtain for your guests to walk through. The place where you’ll be seated should be the main focal point of the reception. Set up a place with silky curtains as a background and a comfy couch with colorful pillows just for you!


Your guests will have a chance to remember your quinceañera forever when you place a majestic photo booth with fun props. Take a look at the ideas below!


You can’t go wrong with candles, macaroons with henna designs, and a genie’s bottle filled with candy as party favors!


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