Celebrate Your Quinceañera Bollywood Style!
Celebrate Your Quinceañera Bollywood Style!

Celebrate Your Quinceañera Bollywood Style!

Turn your Quinceañera into an ordinary celebration with a Hindu Bollywood theme!

We promise it isn’t misspelled, Bollywood is actually a thing similar to Hollywood.

Bollywood represents India’s Cinema based on Mumbai, which is where many trends come to be.

Embrace the customs India has with vibrant colors all around, breathtaking dances, cool trends and of course exquisite cuisine.

You can’t say no to an exotic look that’s out of the ordinary, such colors will definitely make your guests’ mood change!

It’ll be an unforgettable vibe everybody will be talking about!

Here are a few ideas you can incorporate for this theme:


Make a dramatic entrance with one of these colorful dresses and accessories…

Decorations for a radiant night

Satisfy your guests with this mouth-watering buffet

•Steamed Basmati Rice

The combination of spices used for Basmati rice, gives it an authentic flavor anybody can enjoy!

• Chicken Seekh Kebab

Great as an appetizer or served with Basmati rice, this dish will absolutely compliment your taste in food.

• Biryani

Amaze you Quince guests with a this spicy rice mixed with your choice of either; meat, chicken, pork, lamb, fish or egg.

If the food isn’t good, the party isn’t either, is the famous saying in India, so when choosing your Indian cuisine make sure it’s tasty!

Surprise your guests with special dances

  • Bollycirque

Wait until the beat drops…


The newest dance creation combined with cirque, Bollywood, and contemporary styles will for sure leave your guests’ mouth wide open!

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