Celebration of Quinceañera in Hacienda style
Celebration of Quinceañera in Hacienda style

Celebration of Quinceañera in Hacienda style

Enjoy an outdoor celebration in a beautiful patio surrounded by colonial architecture. What is the difference between a hacienda and a ranch? A hacienda usually has old Spanish architecture, while a ranch is more of a place where livestock is raised. Consider it like an enchanted forest or a garden with lots of vegetation and wooden details to complement this beautiful theme. With a focus on outdoor gatherings, consider celebrating your Quinceañera in a magical hacienda.

We have gathered inspiring details that will better illustrate your Hacienda-style Quinceañera.


Given that most of the reception offers beautiful landscapes and natural vegetation, you may want to focus the decoration to match the design and details of the hacienda. Wooden tables and chairs with a simple tablecloth and colorful floral centerpieces are the perfect touch! Consider putting string lights throughout the patio and add papel picado as a final touch.

A Quinceanera function hall, with a long table set with place settings for a party

Elegant Quinceanera centerpieces - A white table with a vase of flowers as a centrepiece

A Quinceanera cake decorating table set with plates and napkins


Keep it simple but elegant with an elegant font. Wrap the invitation in a beautiful envelope and you can even include a pretty flower or a rustic bow. You can also opt for acrylic invitations that are created with plastic vinyl and are transparent.

A close up of a Quinceanera invitation surrounded by a flower bouquet

Quinceanera invitation, a heart shaped card with a red ribbon

Quinceanera invitation wrapping ideas, a bunch of brown envelopes tied up with twine


Vestidos de quinceañera

Although this theme can be easily combined with countless colors, stick to pastel and neutral colors. Ivory, lavender, light blue, or even light pink are some of the many options. If you want to add a touch of color to your look, consider using red lipstick.

Floral Quinceañera dresses, featuring a woman posing for a picture in a Quinceañera dress

A woman in a lace Quinceanera dress standing in front of a fountain

Spanish-inspired texture cakes

Choose between a textured buttercream cake or a simple cake for your celebration! If you want to try unique designs, request textured tile designs that match your reception and party theme. Be sure to incorporate leaves and/or flowers.

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