Centerpieces That Match your Quinceanera Theme

Jocelyn Pasillas

You aren’t quite convinced on how your centerpieces should look like? Don’t worry, it happens, and we’re here to help!

We’ve gathered the cutest centerpiece decorations that can fit your Quince theme or color scheme.

Remember to mix and match for better results! The only rule is: to get creative!!!

Keep on scrolling to see what options you can use for your Quince decorations!

Wood Centerpiece

Looking for something modern and simple? The vases on top of a wood platform is the picture-perfect piece needed as your Quince centerpiece.

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-Enchanted Forest XV(Hundred Acre Woods)

Princess Centerpiece

For a glam girly-girl theme, this centerpiece is the ultimate decoration! The glittery vase adds a special touch and would look great with any type of flowers. The tiara is optional, but it gives off some princess vibes for any girl who is celebrating their coming of age full-on royalty style.

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-Princess theme

-Glam Quince

-Sleeping Beauty

-Parisian XV

-Traditional Theme

-Pretty In Pink

Floral Centerpiece

Flowers can be easily incorporated as part as your number one thematic decoration for your Quinceanera! It may also be simple adapted into any of the following themes! Depending on your color scheme, you may use different colored flowers that will be ideal for your celebration.

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-Traditional XV Theme


-Elegant/ Royal

-Enchanted Forest

-Magical Garden Celebration 

Terrarium Centerpiece

When using a terrarium geometric container, feel free to decorate it as you wish! According to your theme, you may include flower pedals, sand and shells for an “under the sea” theme or even Star Wars figures (just like we included here). Get creative!!!

Perfect for a Beauty and the Beast XV Theme; click here to purchase from Etsy!

– Beauty and the Beast XV

– Star Wars

-Under the Sea

-Tropical Quinceanera


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