A Magical Enchanted Forest Quince
A Magical Enchanted Forest Quince

A Magical Enchanted Forest Quince

You have finally set your mind on your theme, an Enchanted Forest Quince it is!

But now, you have no clue as to how to decorate your venue or even dress yourself!

Take a look at these magical ideas we compiled, hoping to inspire your fairy XV mind…

Quinceañera Dresses

When thinking Enchanted Forest dresses, fairy colors come to mind and of course: glitter and shiny embroidery!

Enchanted Forest Quince Invitations

Consider rustic invitations with leaves, ribbon and flowers attachments.

Laser cut invitations are also the perfect pick!

XV Party Favors

Surprise your guests by pouring grape juice inside small bottles simulating love potions made exclusively at your Enchanted Forest Quince!

You can also order personalized glitter bottles and label them as fairy dust for a magical touch to your Quince theme.

Yummy Dessert Table Ideas

Any edible arrangement seemingly woodland will do the trick for your table! Think rustic, wood, greens and lots of flowers.

Magical Finishing Touches

You can place short string lights and the moss inside the mason jar or a lantern to simulate fireflies!

If your Quince budget allows for more, try placing garland leaf LED lights for the accurate forest mood you want!

Featured image is property of: Samaria Martin Photography and Etsy.

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