Dance your way into a Quinceañera on pointe!
Dance your way into a Quinceañera on pointe!

Dance your way into a Quinceañera on pointe!

Your ballerina boot camp has officially begun!

Hold on to your tutus and keep on reading for more tips and tricks to make sure that your Quinceañera will be on Pointe! Ballet is a theatrical art form of self-expression that tells a story on stage. When we think of Ballerinas, beautiful, graceful, elegant, and feminine dancers usually come to mind. These are qualities that we want to incorporate into ourselves if we want to throw a ballet-themed Quinceañera.

Before anything else, we need to be well versed in the world of ballet. This means pulling ideas and inspiration from the best of the best. Let’s begin with world-famous classic ballet shows such as Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty, and Giselle. These are all stunning shows that you can look up online and come across ideas for your dress, decorations, cake, and the overall vibe that you are going for.

To Tutu? Or Not To Tutu?

While it would be nearly impossible to walk around in ballet point shoes throughout the day of our Quince. It is possible to walk around wearing Quince dresses that resemble the classic ballerina performance costumes. When shopping for dresses, start to look at the fabrics and consider feminine dresses with tulle. You can also decide to wear an actual ballet skirt for your surprise dance.

Bonus Tip:

Consider having all your little primas dress up and wear tutus in order to fit the theme. This would add such a cute touch to your special day.

Prima Ballerina Color Scheme

The traditional ballet color scheme consists of soft colors such as powder pastels, white, yellow, and baby blues. Of course, this is 2021, so of course, you can choose a nontraditional color if you have a favorite color outside the color scheme. Check out and draw inspiration from these beautiful ballerina color pallets.

Queremos pastel! (We want cake!)

Take inspiration from these elegant and feminine cakes to have for your guest to enjoy. Having flowers, swans, tutus, feathers, and ballet shoes are the perfect cake toppers for the ballerina-themed occasion.  A cake with more muted colors and tones with a pop of color will do well for this theme.

cake decorating Wedding cake

Ballet Shoes Galore

Maybe you want to wear ballet flats or slippers throughout the day? Or maybe you prefer ballet-inspired heels? Whatever the case is, here are some beautiful ballet-inspired slippers that you can wear at your ballerina birthday bash. When looking for ballet-inspired shoes, consider looking for shoes with ribbon and lace to fit the theme.

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