Decorate your Party According to your Personality
Decorate your Party According to your Personality

Decorate your Party According to your Personality

No matter what kind of Quince girl you are, we help you define the best style to decorate your party.


Choosing the decor for your Quinceañera can be a difficult task, especially if you have yet to define the style you most like. Making up your mind is important, from this point on you can start thinking the basic elements for your party such as the cake, party favors, menu, and even your dress. Continue reading, and soon you will find what would be your best option when picking a Quince theme.

Romantic Quince Theme

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If you’re a traditional girl who will celebrate a daylight Quinceañera, it is best to go formal with pastel tones for the tablecloth and chair covers. White and even lace centerpieces can add a bit of fun to your tables. If your Quinceañera will take place at night, go for white, beige or ivory. Mixing these with gold or silver will add elegance; try placing candles to create a romantic atmosphere to decorate your party.

Eclectic Theme

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Take advantage of this style and fuse it. Try mixing traditional pieces such as imperial Louis XVI elements with modern and colorful objects. Create contrast with its colors and illumination. Other styles you can mix and classic, colonial or rustic with retro and tech objects. Being eclectic gives you a range of fashion forward styles to present.

Minimilst Quinceañera Theme

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This style is among the most popular and requested in the party planning industry due to its juvenile and modern touch. Mix pure colors to create a lounge atmosphere for you and your friends to enjoy. Combine blue, green, or purple lights to add thatminimalist look to decorate your party.

Modern Quinceañera Theme

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Consider yourself to be an innovative Quince girl? Well, this is your time to shine! Add colors to your whole party by using satin or sequined tablecloths. Hang retro decor and mix every shade of the rainbow.


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