Decorate Your Quinceañera With Flowers
Decorate Your Quinceañera With Flowers

Decorate Your Quinceañera With Flowers

This article is part of our ultimate series exploring Quinceañera decorations and themes. For a deeper dive, check out our full guide: Ultimate Guide to Quinceañera Decorations and Themes. It's your go-to resource for everything decor related!

Flowers have become an essential element in any Quinceañera ceremony. Before deciding on a particular type of flower, consider your budget and the amount of flowers you will need.

Before making a decision

The person who can offer you the most professional advice is your florist. The following are the most important aspects you should consider:

Flower decorations


  • Decide how much you are willing to spend, to avoid last minute surprises. Daisies and carnations are usually less expensive than roses, orchids, French tulips and camellias.
  • The color of your dress should match your Quince bouquet and makeup.
  • Some flowers last more than others: carnations, daisies, roses, and orchids will last longer than tulips, which last a lot less.
  • You must also consider the time of year, since there are flowers that only blossom during certain seasons. Since the celebration will be during the night, formal flower arrangements are more suitable.
  • Lastly, let your instincts guide you and choose the flowers you like best

Flower bouquet decoration

How many flowers do I need?
Flowers are usually used for the quinceañera’s and damas’ bouquets and the chamberlanes, godparents, and parents’ suits:

Flowers are also needed to decorate the church and the hall where the dance and greeting will take place. They are typically placed inside the church at the altar and on the ends of the pews. When placing flower arrangements in the hall, there are various options: you can place them at the entrance, around the arch (if there’s one), next to the cake, on the table of honor and, if you have a tent, you can place them in the stands.

Many quinceañeras take the flowers placed in the church to the celebration hall.

Quinceañera Centerpieces:

flowers centerpiece decoration

If you wish to impress your guests and maintain your elegance, we advise that you not combine more than two or three colors in your centerpieces and to choose pastel flower colors. If you would like to add a different touch, you can place fruits that are in season.

You can find centerpieces in a specialty flower shop, order them on through the Internet, or make them yourself. If you pick the last choice, you will have a perfect opportunity to spend time with your female relatives and best friends.

Finally, we advise that you get free quotes six months prior to your celebration so you can make a timely and definite decision.

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