Egyptian-Themed Quinceañera Décor Options
Egyptian-Themed Quinceañera Décor Options

Egyptian-Themed Quinceañera Décor Options

 Planning a themed Quinceañera party is one of the highlights of the whole process! If you’re on board for a regal Egyptian-themed bash, here are some items you’ll need to add on your list!


Tell your guests by royal decree that you want them to be at your Egyptian-themed Quince party by displaying all the details in a scroll. If the paper is similar to papyrus paper—even better!

Invitations Egyptian theme style with a scroll

Photo credit: Kara’s Party Ideas

Cleopatra’s Lounge Photo Op

Have your guests kick up their heels and pretend they are Egyptian royalty with a fun photo opportunity. Stage a lounge chair, some columns with draped fabric in rich colors, add some plates of grapes and figs, and you’ve got yourself a corner fit for Cleopatra!

Cleopatra lounge for photo opportunity

Photo Credit: First Scene

Pampas Grass

Although Cyperus papyrus is the plant that grows along the Nile River in Egypt, it’s difficult to find this plant growing in the wild outside of Africa. An easy alternative to papyrus for your décor is using pampas grass—and the great thing is that its popularity in décor trend means that you can find this type of grass in a variety of colors!

Pink pampas grass leaves for decor

Photo credit: AFloral.com

Beige pampas grass decor oriental trading co

Photo credit: Oriental Trading Co.

Party Favors

Shower your Quince guests with appreciation for coming to your once-in-a-lifetime birthday celebration. These molded soaps made in the shapes of a mummy, the Pyramids at Giza, Bastet, the Sphinx and more are a truly unique for your guests to remember your themed party! You can even customize the color of the soap to match your party’s main colors.

Soaps Egyptian mold party favors

Photo credit: Etsy

Pyramid Favor Box

If you want to give out little cookies or candies to your guests as party favors, this adorable pyramid party favor box can house your little goodies.

Pyramid gift card boxes

Photo credit: Etsy

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