Embody the legendary Frida Kahlo for your Quince
Embody the legendary Frida Kahlo for your Quince

Embody the legendary Frida Kahlo for your Quince

Choosing Frida Kahlo and the entire cultural heritage inspired by her legacy is a great way to make your Quince celebration an original one, especially if your family is of Mexican descent. However, this idea can apply to families of any ethnic background due to the artist’s international influence.

Considered as one of the most influential Mexican artists, and despite being involved in many controversies, Frida Kahlo is an icon for women of all ages who admire her creative spirit, perseverance, and love for her country’s vibrant colors, dress, flowers, and food.

“La Casa Azul” in Coyoacán –Frida’s childhood home which now serves as a museum– allows you to enter the world of an artist who overcame grief and sickness. However, not even the greatest grief prevented her from developing her creativity and vigorously living a short life from 1907 to 1954, during which she came across more than a few important figures in painting, art, literature, and politics.

Her life story was told in the film “Frida” (2002), a production that was praised by critics and obtained six Oscar nominations. Salma Hayek starred as Frida, along with Alfred Molina as Diego Rivera, and directed by Julie Taymor.

Costume, Hairstyle, and Makeup:
Frida was someone who carried out her ideas in her daily life. She expressed her patriotic ideologies through her love for traditional clothes such as the tehuana and huipil, vibrant colors, lace and embroidery, the use of shawls and dark, braided hair decorated with bows, lace, and fresh flowers. When it comes to makeup, you don’t have to imitate Frida’s unibrow. However, do bring out your lips using red lipstick.

The Court:
Your damas can wear costumes from different Mexican regions or if you want their attire to contrast with yours, it’s a good idea to have them wear clothes from the 30’s or 40’s. Likewise, your chambelanes’ attire can be either modern or traditional or, if you dare, you can have them wear skeleton masks (for examples, see the movie).

There are endless ideas inspired by Frida’s iconography. If you want to be classic, use lilies. However, if that’s not your style, you can use a gold-framed mirror, candles, and colorful flowers, become inspired by one of Frida’s paintings or Diego’s murals, an artist palette, an arrangement of chili peppers, a basket with an arrangement of dry corn, a hand-painted ceramic jar, or simply a flower pot.

frida kahloFood and Decoration:
There is an endless number of informational sources such as books, pictures, and the movie Frida. All the same, you can always read the book, Las fiestas de Frida y Diego: recuerdos y recetas by Guadalupe Rivera (Frida and Diego’s stepdaughter), in which you will find detailed descriptions of how the couple celebrated parties, how to prepare Frida’s favorite dishes and a large picture collection.

The Hall:
Choose a place with a main terrace, sculptures and ceramics, vibrant colors, plants and flowers. It can also be a modern hall with murals or other type of art. There are art galleries and museums that rent spaces for special events.

You can print decade-themed party invitations, become inspired by Rivera’s murals or Frida’s paintings, or even dress up as the artist and take a picture. If you travel to Mexico prior to your Quince, you can take a picture in the Blue House or Photoshop yourself into it. You can also use something that draws your attention, such as Frida’s earrings, and use it as a symbol for your invitations. Anything goes if you want to make your Quince fun and interesting.

Colorful flowers, traditional ceramics, lilies, embroidery, decoupage boxes, or pictures of Frida are excellent keepsakes. If you are a risk-taker, refer to the introduction to the movie Frida, an animation based on sugar skulls from El Día de los Muertos.

frida kahloPictures:
You can speak to your photographer so he/she can give your pictures a special touch. For example, he/she can have you pose as Frida or use special effects such as antique, sepia, black and white, or dark borders.

There is a book that compiles Nickolas Muray’s work and contains some of the best pictures Frida took. Don’t forget to consult with your photographer.

The soundtrack from the movie Frida, composed by Elliot Goldenthal, won an Oscar for Best Original Soundtrack in 2003. It includes songs from Lila Downs, Chavela Vargas, and Caetano Veloso. You can use traditional Mexican music or international music from the 30’s, used for Frida’s travels in the movie, for your surprise dance. Mexican-American groups such as Quetzal, Lisa Flores, Los Lobos, Mezklah, and Ozomatli can also be good ideas for your celebration. You can even have them play live at your party, why not?

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