An Elegant Emerald Quinceañera Theme We’re Obsessed With
An Elegant Emerald Quinceañera Theme We’re Obsessed With

An Elegant Emerald Quinceañera Theme We’re Obsessed With

Green tones are mainly spotted during St. Patrick’s Day, but this year the color seems to have an exception as fashionistas use the famous emerald green tone for exceptional fashion statements year-round.

Seen before, the green tone is making a comeback and it’s here to stay for good! With Woodland themed celebrations in high demand, this earthy color is in vogue!

Join the Emerald green craze and celebrate your Quinceañera with one of the trendiest color of the year!

Emerald Green Quince Dresses 

Girls worldwide will flock to dress retailers in search of emerald green dresses for Quinceañeras that are up to par with the latest color trend. Here’s a peek of the most gorgeous emerald green Quince dresses!

Glamorous XV Invitations

With such a bold color, excite your guests when they receive your XV invitation! Choose between a glittery theme, an elegant celebration, or a Greenery Quinceañera with the following invitation designs:

Irresistible Quinceañera Cakes

Tasting as good as they look, here are some emerald green cake ideas that will look great with any theme! If an all colored emerald cake isn’t your thing, incorporate greenery details for a subtle Rustic Quince celebration.

Decoration Ideas for Your Celebration

‘Wow’ your guests with incredible decor that will look perfect in an inside or outdoor venue! Add velvet tablecloths for a modern touch to your theme.

A Quinceanera table with emerald green table linens and white flowers on a green table cloth

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Featured image is property of: Alexandria Lindo and Morilee!

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