Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest

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Do you want to have an impressive Quinceañera? Discover how the specialist in these events, Celia Barrios from Tiaras and Tacones, organized a party for over 400 people with three generations of family present to wish Bella Gloria a happy birthday.

Take a look at the beautiful enchanted forest theme at Bella's Quinceañera.

"In our first meeting with the birthday girl and her mom, we talked about colors and themes. I talked about my design philosophy. I want, when the guests arrive at the venue, for them to see her. Her personality, what does that day mean? For Bella and her mom, it was important to capture the love for sage green, nature, and to give the feeling they were in a fairy tale book," said Celia.

The dress

Bella wore a beautiful dress inspired by Disney's Princess and the Frog, which was created by Glaudi by Joha-na Hernandez. "For me, when I design an event, the Quinceañera's dress is the star of the show. I want it to shine and stand out from everything and everyone," noted Barrios.


"I gave Bella and her court a royalty-style table filled with green tones, twinkling lights, candles, and custom-colored items everywhere. It had many details, like velvet napkins and bees, to name a few," said Barrios.


"We welcomed the ballroom with a custom-designed dance floor, with five different table decorations and three different cakes. Dessert bars, fairies walking on stilts, a 360 Photo Booth, and a fun band for dancing all night were also included. Guests went home with custom gold-accented butterflies as a souvenir," explained Celia.

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