Euphoria Inspired Quinceañera Theme
Euphoria Inspired Quinceañera Theme

Euphoria Inspired Quinceañera Theme

A woman wearing a purple euphoria quinceanera dress on a magazine cover.Electrify your guests with a Euphoria inspired quiñceanera theme full of glitter and radiant colors. The HBO original Euphoria has stunned audiences with its colorful and technicolor scenes. Therefore, take a look at the decorations we have gathered to ensure a fantastic Euphoria themed celebration.

Quinceanera party, a collage of photos featuring a euphoria themed party with neon lights

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The Lights

First off, in order to achieve a Euphoria ambiance the most important aspects are the lights. A blacklight is detrimental in order to get all of the neon colors to stand out and give off a glowing illusion. Also, think, disco balls, strobes lights, fairy lights, and any other colorful lights you can get ahold of will all add to a wonderful venue.

Photo Backdrops

Every venue needs a place or two where photos can be taken. This is why it is important to pick a sparkly or a balloon background to fit the theme. The cast from Euphoria had their own themed party with some great photo opportunities. Because if there are no photos, did it really happen?

Food Display

For this theme, a buffet-style food setup would work best. However, make sure to use neon and holographic colors for the plates, glasses, utensils, everything. Also, think about having a dessert table with a lot of fun and colorful snacks. Additionally, don’t forget the glowsticks!

The Cake

For the cake, just remember to think neon, glow, and amazing. For example, aside from you, your cake should be a show stopper. Granted, there is a lot going on in the theme so simple is better; yet still think of the awe-factor. This look can be achieved with blacklight lettering, bizarre sparklers, candles,  and neon frosting.

Let us know if you will be having a Euphoria themed quince in the comments, and what other party themes you want to see created!

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