Fifteen out of this world quinceañera dresses inspired by the Galaxy
Fifteen out of this world quinceañera dresses inspired by the Galaxy

Fifteen out of this world quinceañera dresses inspired by the Galaxy

If space, bright colors, and stars catch your attention, what better inspiration for your XV than space. Here are a few ideas for each of the important categories of a Quinceañera:

The Quinceañera dress

Purple, black, silver, and gold are the best choices to evoke a space-themed outfit.

The ombre effect between silver and purple looks the best...

For something even more glamorous, check out the silver with a super dark blue


Copy Olivia Wilde's look

Your XV hairstyle


Adorn your short or long hair with cute little stars


Or if your parents allow it, dye your hair purple in the style of Katy Perry

The Quinceañera makeup


What do you think of these divine eyeshadows? Click on the photo for the tutorial!

But if you're still a novice when it comes to makeup and don't want to feel uncomfortable, opt for a softer look.

  • Quinceañera Invitations: Irrespective of the color scheme, present your invitations in galactic-themed envelopes to provide your guests with a preview of the party vibe.

  • Your XV Cake: Treat your guests to a delectable and visually striking cake adorned with edible rocks resembling a lost planet.

  • Table Centerpieces: Surprise your guests with glowing jars that illuminate the tables.

  • Party Decoration: Those little stars you have on your bedroom ceiling can be repurposed to decorate your party venue. Ensure to seek permission from the venue owners before use to avoid any issues during removal.

  • Purchase Here: Hang paper lanterns painted as planets over the dance floor to transport your guests to an otherworldly ambiance. Doesn't this place look adorable?

If you're celebrating your Quince in a large hall or garden, consider using lanterns adorned with lights for a super romantic setting! For more decoration ideas for your Quince, click here.

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