Have a Black & White Affair Themed XV!
Have a Black & White Affair Themed XV!

Have a Black & White Affair Themed XV!

Are girly colors the absolute opposite of your tastes? Does black rule your closet? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the ideal quinceañera theme fit for your personality is “A Black & White Affair!” There’s nothing wrong with going against tradition!

This theme is meant for girls who want to look classy and can’t stand girly colors. 

black and white

Plan the Quince of your dreams with a “Black & White Affair” themed party! Here are some awesome ideas for inspiration:

1. The XV Invitations

Your invitations should look classy! It’s important to stick to the theme and add a bit of your personality. Black ribbons, lace, and some bling bling or pearls are the perfect combination for your invitations!

SAS wedding Black white



2. The Quinceañera Dress!

We don’t recommend doing an all black dress just because people will think you’re off to a funeral. Believe it or not, colors set the mood! Instead, add black accessories and make the rest white so you look super elegant! A white tulle or ruffled skirt shall do the trick!




3. Your Damas!

The color is totally up to you! If you choose black, we recommend a short dress rather than a long dress. The reason is that we don’t want your damas overpowering your look, since black stands out. You could never go wrong with a fluffy white dress or a flattering little black dress!


4. Venue Decor


Loving the feathers!

To make your venue pop, add a small damask table cloth over the main black or white table cloth. To save you money and for the classic look, feathers as centerpieces will look amazing. But if you want to include natural flowers, white roses or white anemones will look just as elegant. It’s okay to add a pop of color! If you do, the ideal colors would be light pink or red. The perfect color for the tableware is white or silver. For a wow factor, place candles on every table and light them up when the lights are dim. As finishing touches, decorate your chairs by tying a black bow around them!


Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color! 🙂


Gorgeous dessert table! Chocolate anyone?

5. The Cake!

You’re allowed to break any traditional rules for your Quince cake! Black & white polka dots, fresh flowers, lace designs, and bows are the ideal cake decor. If you’re not a big fan of cake, cupcakes will be just as delicious!


A simple yet attention grabbing Quince cake!


If you’re having 150+ guests at your Quince, go all out with something like this!


Cupcakes instead of cake, the newest trend!

A group of three cell phones sitting next to each other showcasing a Quinceañera dress creation.

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