Have A Quinceañera Inspired By The Royal Wedding
Have A Quinceañera Inspired By The Royal Wedding

Have A Quinceañera Inspired By The Royal Wedding

Catherine, Princess of Wales, and the duke and duchess of Cambridge pose for a picture at a Quinceanera celebration You’re a true regal princess yourself, so why not  celebrate your Quinceañera inspired by the upcoming  royal wedding?! Prince William and Miss Catherine  Middleton are saying “I do” on Friday, April 29, at  Westminster Abbey in London and will be giving you  tons of amazing ideas just in time for your grand ball.  From the royal cake, the invitations, the venue décor,  to a cardboard cutout of the Prince himself, take a look at how you can make a royal affair out of your birthday celebration.

multi-tiered-quinceanera-cake-inspired-by-the-royal-weddingThe Royal Cake
Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton’s wedding cake will be a multi-tiered traditional fruit cake decorated with cream and white icing, and a British floral theme using elements of the Joseph Lambeth technique, which is an intricate craft of creating 3-D scrollwork, leaves, flowers, and other decorations on a cake. Per the request of Miss Catherine Middleton, the floral theme of the cake will follow the language of love, which was a Victorian-era way to communicate emotions that could not be expressed with words. For example, the bridal rose represents happiness, the oak and acorn symbolize strength and endurance, and the lily of valley means trustworthiness. All three flowers will take part of the cake décor as well as the English rose, the thistle, the daffodil and the shamrock, England’s four national flowers.

the-royal-wedding-invitations-ideas-for-your-QuinceañeraThe Invitations
If you want your Quinceañera invitations to look as royal as the ones for the April 29th event, you should choose a thick, 10 in. by 6 in. white cardstock design like the one used by Prince William and the princess-to-be. Their invites had gilded edges, gold lettering, and were sent in the Queen’s name. Your invites can read along the lines of:


Mr. and Mrs. (Your parent’s last name here)
Invite (guest name here) to the Quinceañera Celebration of
Miss (your first and last name here)
at (church name here)
on (mass date and time here)

Also noted on the Royal Wedding invitations was and “RSVP to” address and the dress code for the affair, which is uniform, morning coat or lounge suit.

place-setting-for-your-quinceanera-inspired-by-the-royal-weddingThe Decorations
For the ultimate Royal Wedding-themed Quince, sophisticated and sleek elements of decor are key. This is not an occasion for balloons and party favors. Instead, use flowers such as roses, tulips, hyacinth, lilies and gerber daisies in peach, pink, light yellows, and other pastel tones.

You can use ambient lighting to create a romantic and elegant feel to your reception as well. The main table, the cake, the centerpieces and the dance floor can all be spotlighted using this technique. Colors that create this romantic ambience are purples, pinks, peaches, and lilac.

The Dinner Setting
The dinner should be a sit-down dinner, with round tables and formal dinner place settings for all of your guests. Use plates and glasses that resemble china, silverware, and crystal. Also, use place cards with guest’s names on them for each of the place settings.

cinderella-royal-carriage-transportation-for-your-quinceaneraThe Royal Carriage
As for transportation, you can arrive to your grand ball in a fairy tale-like carriage or in a lavish car. The “Glass Coach”, for example, is a carriage used on several occasions by royal brides, including Lady Diana on her way to marry Prince Charles. Catherine Middleton, however, will be arriving to her religious mass in a black 1977 Rolls-Royce Phantom VI, but will use the “Glass Coach” to travel from the church to Buckingham Palace for the reception. Coaches and luxury cars can be found for your Quince by doing a search on our car rentals listing here.

Jennifer-Rubell-with-wax-modle-of-Prince-William,-EngagementYour Royal Chambelan
You can have Prince William be your chambelan at your Quince. With the “Engagement” wax sculpture of the future King created by artist Jenniferr Rubell, fans can slip their finger into the ring that rests on Prince William’s arm and pretend to be his princesses for the evening. For your Quince, you can have a cardboard cut out of Prince William and have your guests take a picture with him for fun!





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