How to Celebrate a Genuinely Vintage Quinceañera
How to Celebrate a Genuinely Vintage Quinceañera

How to Celebrate a Genuinely Vintage Quinceañera

The term vintage has been so quickly popularized that its meaning is still not clear enough. When applied to a party theme, it mostly means a classy party recreating an old era.


On this article we tell you how to put together a genuine Vintage Quinceañera with a fabulous decor, you don’t want to miss these four party planning tips:


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  • Go with champagne, white, black or white colors

It is extremely important to choose the right colors to pull off such a theme. Stick to an elegant tone for your dress, accessories, Quinceañera invitations and of course your decoration. Bolder options for a vintage Quince include burnt red, gray and dark brown.


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  • Lace, Pearls and Flowers

For your Quinceañera cake, for your invitations, as an application on your dress or shoes, on top of your linens, anywhere! As long as you include a little bit of lace, a string of pearls or tiny flowers you will nail the romanticism of a vintage theme.


Our cover girl wearing her abuela’s pearl necklaces ❤

  • Ask your grandma for accessories

Stay true to vintage style and borrow your grandma’s precious pearl jewelry and fishnet veil. Match your dress with a gorgeous pair of Quinceañera gloves, and adorn your precious locks with cute pins from the ‘40s.


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  • Antiques

Visit your local Goodwill, Savers and 99 cent store for decorative items such as chandeliers or candleholders, rustic tables, old books, a bar cart, you name it!

When going vintage, your Quinceañera budgetis not really an issue. As long as you find the appropriate decorations to imitate a different époque your guests will fall into the atmosphere of your party almost instantly!



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