How to decorate a Boho Chic Quinceañera
How to decorate a Boho Chic Quinceañera

How to decorate a Boho Chic Quinceañera

First things first, what is boho chic? Boho-chic is a fashion trend from the 1990’s decade that was so highly popularized during the early 2000’s that it became a fashion style.

A beautifully decorated Quinceanera ceremony featuring boho-chic jewelry and decorations

It is a mix and match between bohemian and hippie items.


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Model Kate Moss and actresses Sienna Miller and Mary-Kate Olsen are known as the trendsetters for this style. The current boho chic celebrities are Vanessa Hudgens and Nicole Richie.

Your Quinceañera Look!


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Floral patterns, flowy fabrics and eclectic accessories are a must for a boho chic Quinceañera!


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Pastels are definitely out of the pictures, this boho-chic trend calls more for natural and earthy tones like black, gray, brown, beige, red, golden and purple.

Quince accessories go beyond pearl necklaces and thing classy bracelets. Such a fashionista style demands for unique headbands and eccentric chunky bracelets.

Braids or loose hair are the only options, no need for an extremely elaborate hairdo, as the boho-chic trend is more of a laidback and effortless look, try a tiara or flowers.

Twine for your Quinceañera invitations is almost a given!


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Your Quinceañera Decoration!

An ideal boho chic Quinceañera will be held outdoors, think  a garden or a green backyard!

Hang paper lanterns and white “ping’pong” lights around the venue.


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Decorate your tables with rustic lace table runners and place crystal vases filled with flowers as centerpieces.


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Let your guests know where to sit by displaying your seating arrangement on a cute chalkboard.


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Teepees and stylish colorful rugs are also great decor props! Dream catchers, seeds and fragrances are perfect as Quinceañera party favors!


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Is a boho chic Quinceañera the theme you’ve been looking for?

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