How to Plan a Classy Tiffany Blue Quinceañera
How to Plan a Classy Tiffany Blue Quinceañera

How to Plan a Classy Tiffany Blue Quinceañera

Are Tiffany & Co. jewelry bracelets and necklaces on your birthday wishlist? Do you envision your quinceañera in the cutest shade of blue with lots of fancy decor? Then, we have just discovered the perfect theme for you – Tiffany Blue!

You’ll soon realize that there are so many classy ideas to plan your very own tiffany blue Quinceañera. Read along to find the best dresses, decor, cakes, invitations and more to plan one of the most unforgettable events in your life!


Your Tiffany blue quinceañera dress should be classy and elegant. Choose one with a tulle skirt or a ruffled skirt for added drama and sparkly embellishments in the bodice. If your parents are gifting you the quince jewelry, you may want to add a Tiffany & Co. bracelet or necklace on your wishlist. Finish your look by asking your hairstylist for an up-do with a cute hair accessory.

Tiffany Blue Quinceañera

tiffany 15


Your invitations should be cute & simple, like the examples below. Achieve the perfect look by adding white ribbons, pearls, lace and bling (not too much) and using white, gray, Tiffany blue and gold colors – anything that screams classy. Having trouble wording your invitations? Here’s a cheat sheet to help you out!

Tiffany Blue Quinceañera

tiffany 22


We love the Tiffany Blue quinceañera theme because there are so many adorable options for your decor. To avoid your venue looking too matchy-matchy with just Tiffany Blue & white decor, incorporate a third color. Black, gray, and even rose pink will add an exciting touch. You can never go wrong with roses and hydrangeas as centerpieces. Thematic elements you must include in your decor are white ribbons, blue boxes simulating a Tiffany & co jewelry box, silverware & bling.

Tiffany Blue Quinceañera

tiffany 2

tiffany 10

tiffany 20

tiffany 14


Your quinceañera cake should include the thematic elements mentioned above and personalized to your tastes. The cake topper could be a white bow or a cute purse. If you’re choosing cupcakes over cake, you can easily customize each one to say “Your Name & CO.” Fondant frosting usually works best to recreate the jewelry box and each fancy tier.

tiffany 9

tiffany 28

Tiffany Blue Quinceañera


You’d be surprised to learn that anything can be made Tiffany Blue, including glazed donuts, macaroons, drinks, cupcakes, cake pops and melted chocolate for the chocolate fountain. Your dessert table should be personalized with your favorite desserts & a framed pic from your quinceañera photo shoot.

Tiffany Blue Quinceañera

tiffany 12

tiffany 11

tiffany 17


Guests love receiving party favors that are useful, and of course you want to give them something that is affordable on your end. Chocolate bars are a delicious option, and you could easily engrave your name on the wrapper and tie a white bow. You can also purchase beautiful shades of lipstick or nail polish at your local discount store and place it in a blue box with your printed name & quince date on the cover.

Tiffany Blue Quinceañera

tiffany 13

tiffany 18


If your budget permits a photo booth you should definitely book it. It’ll keep your guests entertained, and they will have memorable pics to take home. Fun props include sunglasses, tiaras, jewelry, cupcakes, mustaches, hats, lips, and funny speech bubbles in shades of blue, white, black, gray, gold and pink.

tiffany 27

tiffany 3

tiffany 25

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