Ice Ice Baby. Ice sculptures for your Quince
Ice Ice Baby. Ice sculptures for your Quince

Ice Ice Baby. Ice sculptures for your Quince

Nothing screams “hot!” like having ice sculptures at your Quince. Aside from the need of a creative mind, the art of ice sculpting also involves intuitive skills in design, drawing, and engineering. That, along with a chainsaw as the main tool, can lead to some of the most detailed art presentations of ice.

Ice artist and owner of LA Ice Art, Rex Covington, has created a handful of unique ice sculptures himself. Among them, a 900-pound Panda bear for the film “The TV Set”, an oversized lounge chair for a Tom Hanks/Premiere magazine photo shoot, and a 4 foot diameter ice globe of the earth for a “Real Time with Bill Mayer” and a HBO promo called “The Truth Serum”.

But ice sculptures aren’t just for elite Hollywood events. Quinceañeras can also enjoy the instant glam that ice sculptures, luges, and bars can give to the celebration.

When used for the buffet table, ice sculptures can be shaped to add opulence to the décor or as food containers as well. A bowl-shaped block of ice can hold salad greens fresh throughout your reception, but an even more extravagant design would be a clam-shaped ice sculpture used to hold fresh seafood for your guests.

ice sculpture clam

An ice luge is one of the favorite ice sculptures around. This option is a large block of ice with a narrow channel carved through it, which is used to cool a beverage for drinking. Although these are ideal for the 21+ bar, it can also be used to present non-alcoholic liquids such as punch, juice or fresh water for your guests.

Speaking of your 21 and over guests, they will definitely enjoy the uniqueness of an ice bar. Made mostly of ice alone, an ice bar is a fun way to invite your guests to a chilled drink “on the rocks”.

Aside from choosing a design that supports your Quinceañera theme, you can also personalize an ice sculpture by having the ice tainted to match your decorations, or requesting a light box with the color of your choice to illuminate the sculpture from underneath.

Another option is to request to have flowers, seashells, fruit, golf balls or other small objects frozen into the sculpture to support your theme. You can also consider the idea of having mini ice sculptures for your Quinceañera centerpieces or serving the Quinceañera toast in ice sculptures shaped into flutes and goblets.

ice sculpture

If you’re considering ice sculptures for your Quince, be prepared to pay for the cost of man hours plus the art skill that goes behind each design. A basic sculpture can cost around $200 and take only a few hours to make. But larger sculptures, such as bars and luges, can cost in the thousands and require ordering days—if not months, in advance.

Another element to consider is whether your Quince will take place inside a venue or outdoors; time of day also plays a major role. According to LA Ice Art, a well-done sculpture will look great for 6 to 8 hours with details such as noses, fingers and feathers losing their shape towards the end of that time. So ideally, you’d want to have the sculpture shine in all its glory inside a venue where it will maintain its best structure for a longer period of time.

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