Ideas for a black-themed quinceañera party.
Ideas for a black-themed quinceañera party.

Ideas for a black-themed quinceañera party.

A Quinceañera with a black theme can add a daring yet elegant aspect to your celebration. Making black the main color scheme for your Quince will also make the small accent colors stand out as a striking touch.

A collage of black and white Quinceañera dresses and photos

Categories to include black in your Quince:

The invitations

Quinceanera invitation, a black and white suite with black and white flowers

Black invitations give an elegant yet mysterious look, resulting in a clean display of all the important details about your Quince that guests should know. For example, the invitations below give you an idea of how a combination of elegance and boldness looks.

The venue

An elegant and classy Quinceanera birthday party. The table is covered with a black table cloth and adorned with gold place settings.

Black is such a simple yet strong color that speaks for itself. However, it's also a color that goes with any other; meaning, another color can be chosen for accents to add an extra touch to the venue. Typical accent colors for black are gold, white, and red.

The cake

A winter-themed Quinceanera cake with three tiers. The cake is black and decorated with flowers on top.

Additionally, the cake should match the venue in a way that emphasizes the theme of the Quince. Sometimes, the cake is the centerpiece of the venue and almost always appears majestic and visible at the party. The cake shown below will definitely be the center of attention in any location.

The dress

Black isn't just a very flattering color but also a dress color that demands attention towards the celebrant. Once again, black is a simple color that can stand out even more by adding small color accents, whether in a headdress, jewelry, or designs on the dress.


A photo of Jordyn Woods, a woman with long black hair, wearing a black bra top at a Quinceanera event Beauty, a woman with long black hair and red lipstick, in a Quinceanera themed image


Again, since black is such a flexible and versatile color, it can be paired with light and natural makeup or with dark and daring makeup. Below is an example of both styles that beautifully complement a black dress.

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