Little Known Ways to Save on your Quinceañera Flowers
Little Known Ways to Save on your Quinceañera Flowers

Little Known Ways to Save on your Quinceañera Flowers

Are you decorating your venue using the freshest and most delicate quinceañera flowers? Before you get too excited and visit your florist, stop to think about your budget. Flowers can be quite expensive!


Don’t be shocked when you receive the bill from your florist! We tell you the best kept secrets to keep your budget under control while choosing the most gorgeous quinceañera flowers:

Tip #1: Ask for seasonal & local quinceañera flowers

quinceañera flowers

Instead of asking for tulips from Holland, ask for locally-grown roses!


If the flowers of your choice have to be shipped from other countries, chances are, they’ll be expensive. Why? Flowers require extra care and the cost of importing flowers is high. Stick to locally grown flowers to satisfy your budget, plus they’ll be the freshest blooms. Choose from a wide range of year-round blooms such as roses and lilies.

Tip #2: Choose the biggest blooms

quinceañera flowers

Colorful Quinceañera bouquet using only hydrangeas!

The bigger the bloom, the less of it you’ll have to use to create your bouquet. Hydrangeas are an example of a big, yet gorgeous, bloom that are available in a variety of colors such as white, blue, and pink. These flowers may be pricier than carnations but since you’ll have to buy fewer of them, it may turn out cheaper.

Tip #3: Trade expensive flowers for more affordable ones

quinceañera flowers

Certain flowers, such as dahlias, are much cheaper to use!

Tulips from Holland, as you can imagine, are expensive! Other types of flowers also have to be transported from foreign countries. To keep the costs low, swap out the flowers that are hurting your wallet, and use less expensive options such as daisies.

Keep this in mind when you first visit your florist:

$ ~ Chrysanthemum, cosmos, daisies, dahlias

$$ ~ Roses, anemones, tulips, ranunculus, hydrangea, calla lilies, stephanotis, lisianthus

$$$ ~ Orchids, peonies, lily of the valley

Tip #4: Stick to two types of flowers

Gorgeous centerpieces using carnations and orchids only!

You may have 5+ types of flowers on your mind that you would love to use on your bouquet and centerpieces. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the more options on your mind, the more you’ll have to pitch in. Instead, tell your florist your top two options. It’ll be easier and cheaper for them to purchase your options in bulk. The cost of labor will also decrease.

Tip #5: Re-purpose your bouquet


Use your bouquet and your damas bouquets to decorate the venue upon arrival!

Sure you’ll want to take as many pictures of your bouquet on your Quince, but once you arrive to your venue you can place it on the main table as a centerpiece or on the cake table to add color. You don’t have to leave it at the altar!

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